Ex-Dems Create GOP Senate Majority

Ex-Dems Create GOP Senate Majority
Ex-Ds Control Government

Ex-Dems Create GOP Senate Majority — Cindy Hyde-Smith was easily elected yesterday (Nov. 27) in a run-off election to fill the remaining two years on Thad Cochran‘s Mississippi senate seat. The win gives the GOP a solid 53-47 majority in the upper chamber.

Cochran stepped down April 1 citing health concerns. Ms. Hyde-Smith was appointed by Gov. Phil Bryant   to fill the seat until an election could be held.

Mrs. Hyde-Smith had been a Democrat until 2010.  She will be one of six former Democrats in the Republican caucus come January. The others are Richard Shelby of Alabama who switched in 1994; Mike Braun of Indiana, who appears to have been a D just for primary election participation in a Democrat county; Bill Cassidy of Louisiana who supported staunch liberals including Michael Dukakis for president before switching in 2006; John Kennedy of Louisiana who was a D when he served as the state’s treasurer before switching in 2007; and John Hoeven of North Dakota.

It’s also worth pointing out that another ex-Dem holds the Oval Office.

Who says bi-partisanship is dead?

Maybe it’s just that true bi-partisans can no longer stomach what the Democrat Party has become.

Ex-Dems Create GOP Senate Majority


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