Democrats Hate Women, Really

Democrats Hate Women, Really
How misogynistic is the New Jersey Democrat Party?

Democrats Hate Women, Really — New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy gave a high-paying state education job to a politically connected Democrat accused of raping a campaign volunteer.

Did you hear about it?

Of course not. Murphy is a Democrat. The establishment media turns a blind eye to the cruel misogyny common in the donkey party until circumstances compel them otherwise.

The accused (#BelieveWomen, right?) rapist is Albert J. Alvarez who until Oct. 2 had a $140,000-a-year job as chief of staff of the New Jersey Schools Development Authority. He was forced to quit after The Wall Street Journal ran a story on how former campaign volunteer Katie Brennan claimed Alvarez sexually assaulted her after he drove her home from a campaign gathering in Jersey City in July 2017.  Alvarez was then director of Latino and Muslim community outreach for Murphy’s campaign.

Mrs. Brennan went to the hospital, told her husband and friend what happened and reported the incident to police the next day. For some strange reason the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office  declined to prosecute.

#BelieveWomen right?

Mrs. Brennan  told the Murphy transition team about the assault. It didn’t matter, Alvarez got the sweet state job anyway.

She reported what happened to the governor’s chief counsel, who referred the incident to an ethics official who referred it to the state Attorney General’s Office. On June 1, Mrs. Brennan emailed Murphy and his wife saying she wanted to discuss a sensitive matter. Murphy indicated his administration was “on it.” He certainly was. Alvarez stayed.

It was only when The Wall Street Journal — one of the few honest old media publications — started writing about it that Alvarez was forced out.

We wonder what New Jersey Democrat Sen. Cory “Sparatcus” Booker thinks. He was a big #BelieveWomen guy a few weeks ago. We know what New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez thinks. He thinks Mrs. Brennan is too old for him. 

Did you hear how the husband of Missouri Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill brutally abused and beat his ex-wife? #BelieveWomen, right? Yeah, there is a police record. The complaint was made by Joseph Shepard’s daughter who was trying to stop the assault.

How about the sexual assault claim against Ohio Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown? The accuser isn’t giving her name or providing a lot of corroboration but hey #BelieveWomen right? At least that’s what Brown was saying a couple of weeks ago. By the way, Brown’s wife accused him of beating her when filing divorce papers in 1986. #BelieveHer, right?

Then there is Democrat Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, who is deputy chair of the Democrat National Committee. He’s now running for Minnesota Attorney General. His ex-girlfriend’s son posted Twitter that Ellison brutally beat his mom, which his mom then confirmed.

#BelieveWomen? Not if they are accusing a Democrat during an election.

Democrats Hate Women, Really


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