Scott Wagner Open Letter

Scott Wagner Open LetterScott Wagner Open Letter — Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner has sent us the below open letter. FWIW, Wagner, despite some rather unfortunate comments, would be an exponentially better governor than incumbent Democrat Tom Wolf, a calculating opportunist who in no way has concern for the interests of those who live in this state.

Dear fellow Pennsylvanian,

I know how frustrating it is to sort through the lies told by politicians and the media — especially at election time. I tried for years, until I got fed up and ran for the State Senate to finally get some answers.

To say I was sickened by what I discovered during my four years in the Senate is a gross understatement.

Too many Harrisburg politicians see taxpayers as an endless line of credit — which allows them to spend without a cap — and never have to pay it back.

They’ve forgotten that taxpayers are real people who work very hard — who have hopes, dreams and struggles.

They’ve forgotten that the more they spend, the less taxpayers have of their own hard earned dollars to spend or save.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and I’m running for Governor to prove it.

You’ve probably heard that I’m not much of a politician — that I don’t always say the right thing. That’s true, and I’m never going to be the typical politician, but I’ll always be a governor who does the right thing, because I’m not owned, and I can’t be bought.

I’m a guy who grew up on a farm. I know how to fix things, and l know how to do what it takes to get the job done when everyone else has given up and walked away.

If I am elected, I will regard my victory as proof that Pennsylvanians reject the notion that Harrisburg bureaucracy is too big and powerful to be changed or controlled.

I’ll take my election as a clear sign that the people of Pennsylvania intend to take control and pursue a much better, much more prosperous standard of living — the likes of which decades of politicians have told us isn’t possible, while they themselves have become wealthy from public service.

Prosperity is possible, and I’m running for governor to prove it.

I firmly believe I can win this election and follow through on my vision. I don’t believe the polls. Nearly 800 campaign stops and events this year alone, tell me something very different is happening in Pennsylvania. People don’t want career politicians. They want leaders with the backbone to get landmark wins for the people who deserve them.

It can be done, and I’m running for governor to prove it.

Vote tomorrow. Let’s prove them all wrong.

Scott Wagner Open Letter

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