The Parallel Election Exposes Delco Vote Fraud; Thousands Of Votes Manufactured For Biden, Stolen From Trump Says Book

The Parallel Election Exposes Delco Vote FraudThe Parallel Election by Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes should put paid to any doubts that tens of thousands of votes were manufactured for Joe Biden and tens of thousands stolen from Donald Trump in 2020, notably in Delaware County, Pa.

Stenstrom, of Glen Mills, and Mrs. Hoopes, of Bethel Township were certified poll watchers and observers at the counting center in 2020.

What they saw and what they suffered for revealing it would end indifference to what happened that year in all but the most stupid or hard-hearted.

The book tells of their suffering: financially and in their personal lives. It describes the threats from the powerful they received and the unremitting campaign of lawfare against them.

The authors say, specifically, their goal is not to overturn the election but to tell the truth.

And warn of the danger our republic faces.

The book’s villains are from both parties. Delaware County Republican Party officials stood down when faced with the mildest pressure and many went on to soft public jobs afterwards, they write.

The Parallel Election Exposes Delco Vote Fraud; Thousands Of Votes Manufactured For Biden, Stolen From Trump Says Book

They note how Act 77 — the main tool in the fraud — was not something hijacked by the Democrats, who are the minority party in the state legislature, but purposely passed by establishment Republicans who are enjoying easy living in government.

Act 77 allowed for the implementation of “no-excuse” mail-in ballots, despite a specific prohibition in the Pennsylvania Constitution.

They call out several by name including former Sen. Mike Folmer who represented the 48th District and just finished serving a sentence for having child porn; and former Sen. Tom Killion for whom Stenstrom was a poll watcher and who strangely dropped his challenge to the 9th Senatorial District results.

Killion now serves as State Director for the Mehmet Oz Senate campaign.

They were especially tough on this year’s GOP gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano. They say Mastriano abandoned them after the November 2020 Gettysburg Hearings in which they both testified.

The authors say they had been led by Mastriano to believe they would be under oath but were never sworn in. Stenstrom says he nearly backed out when he realized he would not be protected by having it be an official hearing and became suspicious that those who called it were just trying to cover themselves.

He testified, however, revealing that the chain of custody was shattered for more than 100,000 ballots; all the legally established procedures were ignored; and 47 USB cards containing vital data have disappeared.

The book is fairly easy to read with necessary but dense details placed at the end and in appendixs.

We urge that this book be read and copies bought for friends and relatives. It goes on sale tomorrow, Aug. 9 and can be purchased on Amazon or, best, at

The Parallel Election Exposes Delco Vote Fraud

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  1. …and Mastriano was on the State Government Committee that rubber-stamped SB 421 in March, 2019 (the history of this Pennsylvania nightmare is easy to research at
    Our future governor is complicit — which makes the Gettysburg Ruse all the more understandable. Top Secret SCI clearance indeed! The guy ain’t dumb.

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