Dem Supremes Back Dominion In Pa

Dem Supremes Back Dominion In Pa — The partisan Democrat Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ruled four days ago (March 21) in favor of Dominion Voting Systems that neither Fulton County nor the Pennsylvania Senate can audit their machines as they saw fit.

This overturned a Commonwealth Court ruling.

The Supremes said the audit must be done in a specified lab.

This ruling at first glance seems reasonable until it dawns on one that the restrictions will likely lead to a predetermined outcome and they really aren’t necessary to safeguard a false positive.

And that there really isn’t a lab available with the accreditation insisted upon by the court.

What would be a legitimate concern would be if the audit was not transparent and recorded, and unobservable by Dominion and other opponents.

That was obviously not the case.

That Dominion was allowed to be a party is especially troubling. Why would there even be a question that election transparency takes precedence over the intellectual property, or any concerns, of a private corporation.

Those machines should be considered public property. Anybody, much less a government, should be allowed to look at every bell and whistle on the machine, and every percent sign and parenthesis on the software.

When a media consortium investigated the Y2K Florida election, there was no fuss.

That an investigation into Dominion is being inhibited is almost proof positive something is hidden.

So where are the screams of outrage coming from Republican leaders? Why hasn’t Silent Joe Gale said something? Tom McGarrigle? Anybody? Maybe they did. If so they just whispered. That is not good enough.

Dem Supremes Back Dominion In Pa
Dem Supremes Back Dominion In Pa -- The partisan Democrat Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ruled four days ago (March 21) in favor of Dominion Voting

2 thoughts on “Dem Supremes Back Dominion In Pa”

  1. Joe Gale is impotent when a situation needs to have the light shone on it. Just watch the commissioners’ meetings. Every once in a while, Joe will say something valid and say it forcefully. The problem is that’s where he leaves it. Says something once and then takes NO action.

    No one should be voting for any candidate from either Montgomery County or Philadelphia for any state or federal position.
    GOP: Joe Gale, Bill McSwain, Mehmet Oz, Jeff Bartos, Kathy Barnette, Sean Gale
    DEM: Malcolm Kenyatta, Valerie Arkoosh (she already quit), Josh Shapiro

    If there are some from either Montgomery County or Philadelphia that I have missed, please do not vote for them either.

  2. If the public are made to use these they should also have a right to make sure they are safe and true. Then as you probably know Canada counts ballots by hand they say and it does not matter even then if the election are run on bought out media lies and the debates are et up and run by the lieberals/ndp here and French Quebec 20% of Canadians while the English 80% but Quebec gets 2 debates in French and the English 80% gets only just one and they are poorly done with only the bought out lieberal fascist media and independent media is kept out and they fight in court to attend but… it is a joke full of lies and stupidity still. WEF, Obama’s, Clinton’s and Soros win again we have not had a real Prime Minister except PM Harper for many years, all the Parties are corrupt WEF puppets again and from Quebec who is sovereign, diff language different laws etc. runs what was a good country. around the world we are all going down if something isn’t done soon. The world needs Pres. Trump.

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