Leah Hoopes Statement On Trump Lawsuit Victory

Leah Hoopes Statement On Trump Lawsuit Victory — Leah Hoopes, of Chadds Ford, Pa., one of the co-defendants in the Delco defamation case brought against President Donald Trump, released the below statement on yesterday’s, March 12, proceedings before Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Michael E. Erdos which resulted in the sanctioning of plaintiff lawyer J. Conor Corcoran.

The case, in which Ms. Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom of Glen Mills represented themselves using a truth defense, was an unambiguous victory for the President.

When few doubted us, many supported us from day one. To those people we are always grateful for your love, support, generosity, prayers and your willingness to share the trenches with us. Greg Stenstrom I would share a foxhole with you any day brother. Yesterday Greg and I had the opportunity to cross examine James Savage’s attorney , J Conor Corcoran. Greg diminished him with question after question and making Mr Corcoran uncomfortable, catching him in continuous lies. Corcoran using the excuses that it was the courts fault, it was the Judge’s fault , but never his own . It showed his contempt for the court, the defendants, and his blatant modus operandi that he is willing to say and do anything to get his way even under oath.

Then I got my opportunity to cross examine. Still fine tuning that process and line of questioning , but overall I made him lie under oath. I got him to admit , he lied about contacting the PA AG and FBI, he lied and withheld medical records, lied about the only piece of so called evidence, lied about the so called threats he said we made, and the best yet I used his own words against him . Mr. Corcoran did himself no favors. He accused Judge Michael Erdos of committing a felony , which would include falsifying a time stamp, he got admonished by the Judge for this accusation. His attorney Sam Stretton, who is representing him in his OTHER disciplinary case, showed up yesterday unprepared. Never read a single filing, had no background of the case. Mr. Stretton attempted to kiss up to Judge Erdos , and then began to become very upset with Greg and I , became insulting , and was clearly agitated. I shut down that behavior immediately, and the Judge let Mr. Stretton know this behavior would not be tolerated. Mr Stretton words were, these people have no idea what they are doing, this hearing should only take 15 minutes. Judge Erdos, looked right at him and said, oh no Mr. Stretton you are mistaken, we will be here awhile and they know exactly what they are doing. Stretton attempted , and demanded the Judge only take a look at a narrow scope of the order, that they wanted him to, that narrow scope was the issue of the violation of rules of professional conduct against Corcoran. Judge Erdos, said no, if you are going to vacate the order, you are vacating the whole order . Which opened Corcoran up to us cross examining him on ALL OF THE issues we brought in our Motion for Sanctions. The gates of heaven opened at that moment.

Their first error was to bring forth a frivolous lawsuit against us, 2nd error trying to intimidate and harass us , 3rd error continue to lie and not be able to refute anything we said, 4th error putting Corcoran on the stand. Just to name a few. For those that do not also understand that we fought for 860 days, and never backed down, despite the fact we were offered a settlement . We were offered theability to walk away Scott free, and leave behind Donald Trump For President and Rudy Guliani. NEVER leave a man behind, and we shot down that offer, we were ready to go to War in that court room and go in front of that jury with the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. In the end the truth prevailed, we shined the light on the cockroaches, and the Democrat Judge in Philadelphia found in our favor yet again.

Persistence, courage, integrity, honor, duty , sacrifice, tenacity and faith.
Thank you most importantly to my parents, John Popolillo and Kathy Popolillo for instilling in me the values , morals and love of my Country. Thank you for putting God into my life, teaching me that you stand up for what is right and never back down. Thank you for loving me and supporting me through all of it, I love you more than you know. To my son, you are the reason I fight, you sacrificed so much so I can continue to stay the course, you are my reason my heart beats . My son will get to enjoy the shade , from the trees of liberty we have placed in the ground.
Stay the course, we ARE FAR FROM DONE. GET IN THE FIGHT!!

Leah Hoopes Statement On Trump Lawsuit Victory

3 thoughts on “Leah Hoopes Statement On Trump Lawsuit Victory”

  1. Grateful and Blessed to know you both. Your relentless efforts continue to inspire all of us here”down in the trenches.”

    Godspeed and God Bless!

  2. Great news!
    Corcoran needs to be disbarred. Does it look like this will happen?
    Will there ever be a reckoning on the 2020 election, and following elections, in Delco or PA? I have not seen anything from the republican (small r) party to do anything meaningful about election integrity.

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