Shapiro Sex Scandal; Uni-Party On With Mike Vereb

Shapiro Sex Scandal; Uni-Party On With Mike Vereb — Mike Vereb, who once chaired the Montgomery County GOP, quietly quit, Sept. 27, as Gov. Josh Shapiro’s secretary for legislative affairs.

Yeah, that was a cabinet level post.

Yeah, Shapiro is a Democrat, well, a registered one anyway.

He’s probably better described as a Stradley Ronon.

A Stradley Ronon like former state — and Chesco — GOP boss Val DiGiorgio.

Val also helped get Shapiro elected Pennsylvania attorney general then governor.

When the former GOP state leader and the Montco GOP leader and other GOP leaders are backing the D, it’s kind of fair for a Republican voter to ask what good is the party.

Of course, it’s also fair for a Democrat voter to ask why all these corporate crony Republicans love their boy.

Anyway, Dave Galluch writing in DV Journal says Vereb quit because they couldn’t quiet a rather disgusting sex harassment charge levied against him in March by one of his staffers.

This means Shapiro protected him for half a year.

Bros gotta back bros, we guess.

Hey, Josh is still protecting Ken Lawrence.

Shapiro Sex Scandal; Uni-Party On With Mike Vereb

One thought on “Shapiro Sex Scandal; Uni-Party On With Mike Vereb”

  1. Thank you, Bill, for mentioning that Shapiro is still protecting Ken Lawrence. Ken will be gone at the end of this year, but still sits on many boards in Montgomery County. That’s really all he ever was and will be – a puppet or some might say a token.

    And of course, he will always be a rapist, felon, liar, and thief.

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