Dinosaur Republicans Backing Shapiro This November

Dinosaur Republicans Backing Shapiro This November — The sagacious Dom Giordano’s July 13 column in Delaware Valley Journal notes that ancient Republicans are uniting with Democrats to try to keep Doug Mastriano from beating Josh Shapiro, Nov. 8, and becoming Pennsylvania’s next governor.

Former Bucks County Congressman Jim Greenwood and Craig Snyder, who had been the late Sen. Arlen Specter’s Chief of Staff have created the political action committee Republicans4Shapiro.

Also involved are Robert Jubelirer, who ruled the Republicans in the Pennsylvania State Senate between 1984 until his shocking primary defeat to John Eichelberger in 2006; Joe Conti, a former state rep and senator who would go on to become chief executive officer of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board; and several people who served in the Thornburgh Administration back in the 1980s.

Yes, the uniparty is again exposed. You seriously think Shapiro is a man-of-the-people Roosevelt Democrat? He was counsel at Stradley Ronon while he ruled the Montco Ds and it’s board of commissioners. He was buds with Val DiGiorgio while DiGiorgio chaired the Chesco Republicans and then state GOP.

Dinosaur Republicans Backing Shapiro This November
Dom Giordano

He even got DiGiorgio’s wife a high-paying, do-nothing job with Montgomery County.

Val chaired Stradley Ronon’s banking and public finance sections while he was standing in the sun albeit the lobbying law firm had to kick him to the curb after he fell from grace.

Bet your bippy that while Val may not have officially signed up for Republicans4Shapirio he is given them secret smiles and covert thumbs-up.

Uniparty-types do not care about minorities — and never did. They do not care about the working class. They do no care about the middle class. They don’t care about the elderly. They don’t care about kids. They care only about themselves, soft living and having you kiss their rings.

Anyway Dom writes about his interview with Greenwood who seemed to pine for the days when people in country clubs were taken seriously.

“After my interview with Greenwood, I’m convinced that his group is so deranged by Trump that they have embraced Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro without meeting with him and projecting what he would do as governor,” Dom writes. “Greenwood admitted this, but told me his group believes Shapiro to be ‘thoughtful.'”

Read Dom’s article here. Listen to him weekedays noon-3 p.m. on WPHT 1210 AM.

Hat tip Susan Jane Goldner

Dinosaur Republicans Backing Shapiro This November t

3 thoughts on “Dinosaur Republicans Backing Shapiro This November”

  1. Once again, Bill, thank you for reminding folks about that particular “cadre” of so-called-PA-Republicans that just won’t go away. They are the TRUE elitists, so focused on their own well being that they have embraced opposition interests for years rather than support “upstarts” who oppose them–thanks for naming names, albeit only a few. My question for you: Are they still so entrenched as to seriously hamper fund raising for current conservative R candidates?

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