Delco Voting Issues Aired On Face The Culture

Delco Voting Issues Aired On Face The Culture — Discussed on last night’s (April 26) Face the Culture with Kim Kennedy and Pastor Stephen Gruen were the crusade by Robert Mancini to learn obtain certain public records and Delaware County, Pa.’s peculiar quest to keep them from him.

Mancini won a judgement from Pennsylvania’s Office of Open Records which Delco is appealing to Common Pleas Court.

The records Mancini wants concern with Fort Orange Press of Albany, N.Y., which prints the county’s election ballots; the number of voters who cast a ballot in a precinct in Marple; the mail-in ballot applications Fort Orange Press received; and the identity of those who installed software on certain voting machines in Marple along with the software that was installed.

Access to these things should be considered routine and uncontroversial. That the county is fighting raises unfortunate questions.

Also discussed with guest Greg Stenstrom, was the victory won by himself and Leah Hoopes in which Commonwealth Court has agreed to hear their appeal of case by Delaware County Common Pleas Court that county election officials destroyed or are hiding evidence that the 2020 election was stolen.

He noted that Leah and himself will have to resubmit the documentation as the court initially rejected the appeal.

Greg also noted that his social media platform Patriot.Online is gaining readers and influence.

It’s an excellent site that we recommend.

Bill Lawrence of this site was also a guest.

The program can be heard here:

Delco Voting Issues Aired On Face The Culture
Delco Voting Issues Aired On Face The Culture

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