Lara Logan With Diamond And Silk

Lara Logan With Diamond And Silk — Former CBS Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Lara Logan had an hour-long interview on Lindell TV with Diamond and Silk, Oct. 27, in which she elaborated on the claims that got her banned from Newsmax, a week earlier.

We published a story the same day regarding the Covid vaccine that we warned would send those without faith into complete despair.

This one is worse.

Ms. Logan appears at the 11:50 mark. She says she’s working on a four-part series on child trafficking. She said hundreds of thousands of children go missing every year and her goal was to learn their fate. She 70 percent of kids that end up being trafficked have been through the foster-care system.

“They say the devil is in the details, and that is true both literally and figuratively,” she said.

She said she is investigating a case where a man had locked a six-year-old boy in a cage and had been raping him every day.

She said those performing this abuse include members of law enforcement, child protective services and the elite. Others have said similar.

She says it’s an open secret that the claim is being made that the blood of the young stops aging.

“We don’t ask how do you get the blood of young people, and how much blood of young do you actually need,” she said.

Note, she’s not saying this works. She’s saying it’s believed by some.

She brought up the effects of adrenaline released into the bloodstream, which does happen. She said she experienced this intensely when her hotel was shelled in Iraq where she was a war correspondent, and when she was raped nearly to death in Egypt.

Adrenalized blood is purportedly used to create adrenochrome that allegedly grants power hence the victims of these modern day vampires are tormented to the point where they release their adrenaline before being killed.

She said ritual killings and secret societies are a part of history.

“But we don’t want to talk about this today. We’ll put it in our movies, we’ll put it in TV shows,” she says. “You know how crazy this is? . . . I was probably about 20, 21 years old working for Reuters . . . and I did a series on Satanism, and I can tell you I looked at photographs of dead babies who had been skinned and used in ritual sacrifices in Satanic cells in South Africa. I have listened to the interviews and the testimony of survivors of Satanism . . . There’s testimony from medical doctors. There is testimony from therapists who tried to stitch these survivors back together . . . If there is a long history of this, why do we act today like this is impossible for this to be true?”

She said she talked to a Delta Force operator who described how they found children in cages.

“I’m getting eyewitness testimony,” she said. “He’s not ready to talk about it publicly but he’s telling me in great detail what he found and I’m working through the process with him.”

She said the hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied minors crossing the border into the United States are not going to their parents.

“Where are they going?” she said. “How can we not know and how can we accept it? Why do we accept that children are raped for money, raped for porno films and snuff films.”

She described a case she looked at where a man was convicted of streaming 400 live child rapes on the internet.

“Do your homework. Make up your own mind,” she said. “I don’t care if you believe me or not.”

She said the Newsmax ban means nothing to her.

“They have no ties to sever. I’ve been on Newsmax exactly three times,” she said.

She says she has evidence to back up her trafficking claims.

“The people who are shouting the loudest right now, they know there is evidence, because they are the ones who are guilty and they are afraid of what I have,” she said.

She said this includes eyewitness accounts that she corroborated. This includes agents like her Delta friend, doctors who stitched up the victims, and others.

“You find the people who walked down by the harbor in Bangladesh and seen rows and rows and rows of children being shipped,” she said. “You find the documents from the company that creates (a process) that can detect . . . there’s something that people release when they are afraid and when they urinate . . . and they use this when they fly over the shipping containers and find out which shipping containers have children or human beings in them.”

She noted she is not suicidal and never will be.

“I have the armor of God on my side and that’s what I’m counting on to protect me,” she said. “. . .I’ve survived things most people can’t imagine and I didn’t survive it on my own.”

She said she has contacts who have been fighting trafficking since the ’90s who have photographs and video.

“You know the great thing about Satanists?” she said. “. . .They love to film themselves. And they love to take photographs. And they need that. You know why? Because once you get drawn into these secret societies and these Satanic cults, they need that evidence because they got it to hold over you.”

She says her new media endeavor is taking time as she is doing things with regard to production and business issues that are not her areas of expertise.

She made a promise though.

“The reality of what we have been doing to children will be laid bare for all the world to see and it will be in a credible format with real investigative journalism behind it so it can’t be pushed to the fringes of lunacy,” she said. “. . .They cannot intimidate me. I don’t fear them”

She said that the United States is the number one destination for sex trafficking. She said traffickers send unaccompanied minors to companies, and NGOs like Catholic Charities.

“They are paying these organizations millions and millions of dollars to basically get rid of these children,” she said. “We are talking about hundreds of thousands of children since this administration took office.”

She said the Biden administration has eliminated the position tasked with confirming that children are actually going to their families.

She described thing she saw in Tenancingo, Mexico as part of a 2019 child trafficking investigation when she was with Fox News.

Tenancingo is called the sex slavery capital of Mexico.

The town has a ceremony in which young virgins are paraded and the menfolk decide which one they are going to rape that night.

“This is not done in secret,” she says. “This is out in the public.”

She said she was allowed to interview two women in the bondage of a pimp and it was the hardest thing she ever did.

“I had to sit in front of these two young girls, one had been sold when she was 12 and the other when she was 13, the 12-year-old was now 22 and the 13-year-old was, I think, 17, and these young girls told me in great detail how they were raped ever single day. They told me about being sick. They told me about the violence. They told me about being taken from their families. They told me the most heart-breaking stories you can ever imagine. They looked at me with desperation in their eyes. . . . I had to live with myself and know that they were going to get up and walk out of those chairs and they were going to walk out of that door and go straight back into that hell and I could do nothing . . . and it was patently obvious to me that they were begging for help . . . they are slaves and they are raped every single day of their life until they die.”

She did ask them, though, if they wanted to come to the United States.

“They both reacted with fear,” she said. “They were ‘no, no, no, we don’t want to go the U.S.’ . . . They said the girls who go there, they never come back.”

The life expectancy of a trafficked child in the U.S. is two years. The average age of children being abused in porn videos is five years old.

Ms. Logan said children are being trafficked on Facebook and pedophilia is being normalized in every direction.

She brought up actor  Jim Caviezel who along with Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino, stars in Sound of Freedom, which is about anti-trafficking crusader Tim Ballard. The movie has been ready to roll for two years but has yet to be distributed albeit IMDB is reporting it is scheduled for a Nov. 12 release. 

“I’ll tell you what I told my good friend Jim Caviezel who has been savaged for talking about this. . . . His agent dumped him and this one dumped him and that one dumped him, the only thing that matters is when you stand before God and He says to you, Jim, when you knew the truth, what did you do? And that’s where I am at.”

Something all of us should think about it.

Here’s the video. Even atheists should watch it.

Lara Logan With Diamond And Silk
Lara Logan With Diamond And Silk Lara Logan With Diamond And Silk

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