10 Million Views For Out Of Shadows

Out of Shadows, the documentary narrated by noted stuntman Mike Smith that claims that Hollywood is controlled by child molesting Satanists, has reached 10 million views on YouTube after two weeks.

OK, 10,142,413 as of this posting.

You’ve heard of it right? Sure, if you are a reader of this site, but where else? You’d think it would be a topic of high brow punditry or pop culture even if just to mock it.

You ever read The Adventure of Silver Blaze?

If you missed Out of Shadows here on April 13, here it is again.

10 Million Views For Out Of Shadows
10 Million Views For Out Of Shadows

One thought on “10 Million Views For Out Of Shadows”

  1. I haven’t seen Out of Shadows, but I certainly do remember “Silver Blaze”. I was 12 when I read it, and I did guess “who dunnit”. But what I recall most is thinking, “Why, that horrible man was cruel to an animal! He deserved what he got!”

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