Out of Shadows Sleeper Hit

Out of Shadows Sleeper Hit — Forget Tiger King , the sleeper hit of the quarantine is Out of Shadows, a documentary narrated by noted stuntman Mike Smith that claims that Hollywood is controlled by child molesting Satanists with connections to the CIA that itself practices social-control techniques learned from the Nazis.

Crazy, huh.

Out of Shadows has gotten about 100,00 views per hour since it popped up on Youtube April 10. As of 10:20 this morning (April 13) about 3.2 million have watched it.

Check it out.

Out of Shadows Sleeper Hit
Out of Shadows Sleeper Hit
Marina Abramović, Micosoft’s latest partner.

One thought on “Out of Shadows Sleeper Hit”

  1. This is never going to stop. There is so much in our country, let alone the world, that we just don’t know. This will never stop because there is no one who will confront those who perpetrate this egregious behavior. Even outside of Hollywood, we know this goes on.

    I have said this before and I will not stop saying it: People who sexually assault others, whether children or adults, should be put to death. You are fooling yourselves if you believe sexual predators can change.

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