AASA Promotes Stupidity And Laziness

AASA Promotes Stupidity And Laziness — We have been sent this poster produced by the AASA The School Superintendents Association LOL as further evidence of the laziness and delusion that has become the norm in public education.

The AASA is the professional association for school administrators.

Leave the childish illustrations aside and note that there is nothing on it about universal literacy or numeracy. There is nothing on it about how our laws are created and why we should respect them. There is nothing about why we think racial inequality is bad such as this and this and this and this.

Poster like this are promoted by silly people more interested in shining their halos before going off to a two-hour catered workday “symposium”.

Stop funding systems. Start funding students. Get your kids out of public schools.

AASA Promotes Stupidity And Laziness
AASA Promotes Stupidity And Laziness

One thought on “AASA Promotes Stupidity And Laziness”

  1. Same bad agenda going on in Ontario, Canada sadly hardly anyone is defending our children.
    What is so wrong with defending “our own” children? Or do they really believe we are all doomed as they keep repeating in their climate change agenda, where we all die? Or is it that all the takeover of our children by the sick teachers and sick perverted agenda governments wanting our children to be LGBTQ now adding TS (two spirit people?) waiting for the P to be added for all the pedophiles who are now being thought of as a normal sexuality thing, (I guess like killing someone) so they now feel their children have no chance, believing in this world agenda? Now China? in charge of the UN and it’s human rights, accuses Canada of genocide again? For another new slant the sick agenda government put out yet again on Residential schools and mass graves letting on they are all children killed by the Catholics? long story but no mass graves were actually found, wooden crosses markers had rotted away from these very old cemeteries that the whole communities had been using back when and not dug up just some earth xray type machinery used and this was all brought out several times since the sixties? But now this is world news with the rightful burning down of 25+ churches? What chance do our children have IF WE WILL NOT STAND UP AND PROTECT THEM FROM OUR GLOBALIST AGENDA TAKEOVER.

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