Penn Delco Parents Need Outrage

Penn Delco Parents Need Outrage — The race-card is being played to guilt-trip Penn Delco taxpayers into shelling more to the corrupt institutions public schools have become.

And to foster self-loathing docility in children.

Sheep groomed to believe they deserve shearing won’t object to their missing wool when the time comes to strip them, after all.

This video was found on Schoology page of the school district in Delaware County, Pa.

Give us more money and all problems will be solved.


End public school districts and return the tax dollars to parents as vouchers to be used in the school of their choice.

Granted, if Little Precious is a trouble-making bully a whole lot of schools won’t want him.

Keep your money, they will say.

Somewhere, however, a school for him will be found. For every pot there is a lid.

And the decent normal kids of whatever skin shade will unite in the joy of learning without the hate, bigotry and bullying of Little Precious.

Or maybe LP’s daddy will take the time to teach him to respect his teacher and to stop bullying other kids just so he could have some kind of decent future.


Understand though, the Critical-Race-Theory people don’t want children of whatever skin shade uniting. They want hatred, bitterness and division.

That’s what makes CRT truly evil.

But there is a light shining in the darkness. Truly woke Republican state representatives are demanding that state Education Secretary Eric Hagarty end faux-wokeness — in this case Gender Theory Student Indoctrination — or resign.

Vote for Doug Mastriano for governor in November to make this happen.

Vote for Oz, too, for U.S. Senate even though the Turkish Turkey doesn’t seem to be trying that hard to win.

Penn Delco Parents Need Outrage
Penn Delco Parents Need Outrage

7 thoughts on “Penn Delco Parents Need Outrage”

  1. “And the decent normal kids of whatever skin shade will unite in the joy of learning without the hate, bigotry and bullying of Little Precious.” this sums it up so well. Thank you for bringing attention to this extremely important crisis going on in the district (and many districts around the country). We need parents/guardians/taxpayers to get out of their comfort zones and stand up or all will be lost and in the end it’s the kids that will suffer.

  2. I am white. I grew up poor as hell. And have no inheritance or wealth passed down to me. Everything I have today, which is a great job as a single mom and widow, still living paycheck to paycheck, is because of MY EFFORT. And I see no difference of economic disparity around me today strictly due to skin color because I see a far greater number of people of color in high paying positions and accumulated wealth: Barrack Obama, Dr Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Dinesh D’Souza, Oprah Winfrey, and a Google search will yield who all the several black billionaires are. So don’t try to tell me my skin color determines my wealth OR MY WORTH when that is obviously not the case. A person’s EFFORT and making good choices determines success. Racial disparity is a lie in today’s America. Economic disparity is more accurate, because it is determined by the level of wealth you are born into regardless of skin color. Then a young person’s effort and choices determines how that level of wealth and success will change and progress, or backslide. This indoctrination video for our children does not give the current state of our country’s opportunities for all. And that’s where the lie of CRT is being taught.

  3. Interesting video. The person who made this video makes assumptions about people of color in Jamal’s neighborhood when he says all the neighbors are African American. To me that means everyone living there can trace their ancestry to the continent of Africa. This ignores the fact that people of color also are from the Caribbean Islands, South America and other places besides Africa. It also presupposes there are no immigrants and/or foreign nationals residing, permanent or temporary, in this neighbor as all the inhabitants were African American. The ignorance on display here is overwhelming.

    In addition the video discusses implicit bias. The creators implicit bias is on full display in the obvious condescending way he pronounces the word white.

    I say parents SHOULD let their kids watch this together while explaining what Marxism is and who the true bigots are. This is a perfect example address both topics.

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