Fresh New Montco Republican Party Looms

Fresh New Montco Republican Party LoomsStan Cascio has let us know that 100 persons of varying political identities attended a soiree at his home to create a fresh new Republican Party of Montgomery County.

He says there were Tea Party conservatives, establishmentarians, two independents and one Democrat, whom he declined to name.

Among those in attendance were official GOP county head LIz Preate Harvey; the wonderful and influential Dom Giordano of WPHT; and county commissioner candidate Sean Gale, the brother of county commissioner and running mate Joe Gale .

Stan says everyone in the room agreed on 80 percent of things.

Stan says like-minded people — those who love freedom, hate corruption and lies, and recognize that rights are God-given — must unite else the neo-feudalists i.e. the New Democrat Socialist Party that holds that some animals are more equal than others will prevail.

Stan, who is running for county controller, said the county GOP has agreed to refrain from making endorsements this primary election.

Stan expressed disappointment about ads being run by the Gale brothers attacking the establishment.

“We must stop forming circular firing squads,” he said.

Stan had a great observation about border security and immigration vs illegal immigration.

“What if one one of the Democrats waiting to see Hamilton in Puerto Rico had someone butt in front of them in line?” he asked. “What would they do about it?”

Of course, we know the answer. Rules for thee but not for me.

Fresh New Montco Republican Party Looms
Fresh New Montco Republican Party Looms

5 thoughts on “Fresh New Montco Republican Party Looms”

  1. Hi Bill, glad to see your still at it. I have heard first hand about Stan’s meeting , especially in regards to the Gale brothers. I would suggest that you may want to get their side of the story also.
    I have seen first hand what the “NEW” republican party has tried to do to the Gale family. It is no difference than our mess here in Chesco with VD and his legacy of failure.
    There is Always two sides to a story as we have discovered here in Chester County.
    God Bless, Larry

  2. Sorry, the Establishment is real and leopards don’t change their spots! Can’t say I can believe them. Gonna have to do a lot more to convince me.

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