Liz Squeaks By In Montco

Liz Squeaks By In Montco — Liz Preate Havey maintained her seat as Montgomery County Republican Chairwoman beating Stan Casacio in an apparent squeaker of an election, last night, June 23.

Liz Squeaks By In Montco
Keeps her title

Casacio said it was agreed that the final total would not be disclosed.

Nancy Becker will remain as vice chairwoman.

Casacio said it was the most passionate meeting the party has had in a while.

“Room was so packed you couldn’t even move,” he said.

Mrs. Havey, who works for the generally Democrat-supporting Center City law firm of Dilworth Paxson, said several times during the night that she will strongly back Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano over Democrat Josh Shapiro, a fellow Montco resident who also worked for a Center-City law firm, Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, before becoming Pennsylvania’s attorney general.

That she had to say it shows why there was a contest.

Liz Squeaks By In Montco

8 thoughts on “Liz Squeaks By In Montco”

    1. Probably not – bc of self delusion and ego. Such a bad leader, does not aim to serve the Rs in this county and blames others for her massive failures.

  1. Great job nominating & supporting Stan last night…That took guts!! Few ppl have guts and bravery anymore. We all want Liz out and she should’ve resigned in disgrace 2019 after her corruption was exposed re: county Commissioner race and her unethical, top-down intimidation practices. She wants everything done in secret and behind closed doors so they keep control and their power circle tight…it’s authoritarian, non-transparent govt. And she will seek an appointment with Shapiro if he’s elected, they do have a long-standing relationship. She lied last night, as usual. She will not help Doug, just like she did not help Trump and stashed his signs in the Lower Merion hqs and refused to vote for him on the delegate floor in Cleveland. And who in their right mind would trust Saring as presiding officer? That displays nothing but bias. #rigged

    1. Amen, as a new committee person, I am ashamed I am one now. I saw through the crap. Kindergartners have more organization then the leadership in the MCRC.

  2. Liz is notorious for self-victimization who rules by force and ‘ends justifies the means’. Havey is a skulking petty tyrant with the same ideology as Cheney. Axe them both!

  3. Can they have a repeat vote of last night to replacee her if she starts to show her true colors again? As to her joining Shapiro should Shapiro win, I have no concern of this as Shapiro is not going to win. Everyone keeps talking about the GOP’s coming “Red Wave;” there is either going to be one here in PA also, or there is not. We are just as entitled to one as anywhere else.

  4. All she does care about is titles as she continues to operate the Titanic. Also – there was no vote count released again like 4 yrs ago, shady af! 167 in-proxy votes.

  5. What Liz Havey is a liar and supports Shapiro no matter how she claims she will “strongly back” Doug Mastriano. She favors Shapiro, Vallerie Arkoosh, and Ken Lawrence in all their endeavors.

    Liz claims that it is a rumor that she wants Shapiro’s seat. No, it is the truth.

    Don’t believe me, just watch.

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