Casacio Newtown Square Meet And Greet

Casacio Newtown Square Meet And Greet
Stan Casacio announcing his campaign in January.

Casacio Newtown Square Meet And Greet — Stan Casacio, who is taking on incumbent 7th District Congressman Pat Meehan in the April 26 Republican Primary, will hold a meet and greet, 7:30 p.m., March 21 at Uno Pizzeria & Grill, 3910 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square, Pa. 19073.

There will be refreshments.

For the record, if Congressman Meehan sends us his events we will use them as well.

Casacio Newtown Square Meet And Greet


Pat Meehan Hits Choppy Water

Pat Meehan Hits Choppy Water
Pat Meehan, has he opened a door for Casacio?

Pat Meehan Hits Choppy Water — Incumbent Pennsylvania Congressman Pat Meehan expected smooth sailing in his cuddly customized 7th District cocoon but he has hit some chop.

His opponent in the April 26 Republican primary, Montgomery County businessman Stan Casacio, got the endorsement of the Berks County Republican Committee in late February.

Granted the Berks section is but a small part of the district but it is worth noting that its Republican leaders are obviously unsatisfied with the representation they are receiving from Meehan.

More damning, though, is the revelation reported by on  March 4 that Philadelphia Democrats are  big backers of Meehan.


So, what’s up with that Pat? If the GOP rank and file learn of this, the cost will be far greater than any benefit this support provides. You might have even opened the door for a Casacio win, something we would not have thought possible two months ago.

Pat Meehan Hits Choppy Water


Stan Casacio Gets 1500 Signatures

Stan Casacio Gets 1500 Signatures
Stan Casacio announcing his candidacy Jan. 21.

Stan Casacio Gets 1500 SignaturesThe petitions for Montgomery County businessman Stan Casacio were accepted, Feb. 16, by the Pennsylvania Department of State and he will be on the ballot, April 26, for the Republican 7th congressional primary.

He is challenging incumbent Pat Meehan.

Over 1500 names were collected.

Casacio is running because of concerns about fiscal irresponsibility and uncontrolled immigration among other things. While he  still faces an uphill battle, Meehan better take him seriously considering what happened in South Carolina on Saturday.

Casacio’s website is here.

Meehan’s website is here.

Stan Casacio Gets 1500 Signatures.

Casacio Crashes Delco

Casacio Crashes Delco
Stan Casacio at the Esler home.

Casacio Crashes Delco — Stan Casacio spent almost two hours this afternoon, Jan. 31, on his opponent’s home turf explaining the whys of his candidacy.

Casacio is a Montgomery County businessman long active in that county’s GOP politics who is mounting a GOP primary challenge to incumbent 7th District Congressman Pat Meheen.

The site of the invasion was a petitioning signing/meet and greet at the Esler home in Aston. Hostess was Lisa Esler, the Penn Delco School Board member who ran an unsuccessful write-in campaign last summer after local Republican Party leaders picked a Democrat-supporting union boss as their candidate for the vacated 161st Pennsylvania State House Seat.

Casacio said he was the son of an Italian immigrant who loves this country and the things for which it stands. He said existing policies abetted by Meehan will lead her to ruin. He described a fiscal policy that is impoverishing us. Meehan voted to raise the debt ceiling four times, he noted. We now owe over $18 trillion in debt.

Casacio said the immigration policy now in effect is a disaster. He said that when his father arrived his desire was to assimilate and become an American, not to impose strange and intolerant laws from the land that  they fled.

He said Meehan is among the enablers of Obama’s strange policy and has been non-existent in fighting it

Casacio also said he was motivated by his reverence for life.

“Each life is a nugget of gold,” he said.

He noted how the government has spend hundreds of millions seeking life in outer space and that merely shows how precious life is. He said that Meehan, who runs as a pro life candidate, voted to keep abortion-mill-operator Planned Parenthood funded and that he wouldn’t do it. He also noted that Meehan made robo-calls for one-time Planned Parenthood boardmember Scott Zelov in last year’s Montgomery County Commissioner Republican Primary. Zelov lost to Joe Gale, who was opposed by the party establishment and supported by Casacio.

Casacio said he spent his early years in Northeast Philadelphia before his family moved to Cheltenham where he attended Catholic Schools before graduating from Cheltenham High in the same class as “Yoni” Netanyahu, with whom he was friends.

It’s worth noting that Meehan also grew up in Cheltenham.

Casacio stayed in Cheltenham after starting a development company with his brother and sister, and got involved in local politics serving on the township’s board of commissioners. Among those whom he helped nurture in politics was talk show host Mark Levin, who was elected to the community’s school board in 1977 at the age of 20.

Casacio now lives in Whitemarsh.

Casacio, who is 68, said his age naturally term limits him but he still supports making limits mandatory for everyone.

Pennsylvania’s 7th District is horrifically gerrymandered. About 60-percent lies in Delaware County with the rest split between Montgomery, Chester, Lancaster and Berks counties.

The primary election is April 26.

Casacio Crashes Delco




Pat Meehan Primaried

Stan Casacio Pat Meehan Primaried
Stan Casacio throwing his hat in the ring in the Pa. 7th congressional race.

Pat Meehan Primaried — Montgomery County businessman Stan Casacio announced tonight, Jan. 21, he will challenge incumbent Pat Meehan for  Pennsylvania’s 7th District congressional seat in the April 26 Republican Primary.

Among those with Casacio at the event at his Whitemarsh home where he made the announcement were newly elected Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale and WPHT talk show host Dom Giordano.

Casacio, a local Republican leader, was a big backer of Gale. He said he was motivated to run against Meehan because of his unwillingness to fight to reign in out-of-control spending and illegal immigration, among other things.

He described Meehan as a nice guy but said he felt action was needed.

Meehan was elected to the seat in 2010.

The traditional center of the 7th District has been Delaware County and it has been represented by a Delco resident since 1945. It has been horrifically gerrymandered, though, and now includes large parts of Montgomery, Berks and Chester counties, and, believe it or not, even part of Lancaster County.

Pat Meehan Primaried
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