Stan Casacio Gets 1500 Signatures

Stan Casacio Gets 1500 Signatures
Stan Casacio announcing his candidacy Jan. 21.

Stan Casacio Gets 1500 SignaturesThe petitions for Montgomery County businessman Stan Casacio were accepted, Feb. 16, by the Pennsylvania Department of State and he will be on the ballot, April 26, for the Republican 7th congressional primary.

He is challenging incumbent Pat Meehan.

Over 1500 names were collected.

Casacio is running because of concerns about fiscal irresponsibility and uncontrolled immigration among other things. While he  still faces an uphill battle, Meehan better take him seriously considering what happened in South Carolina on Saturday.

Casacio’s website is here.

Meehan’s website is here.

Stan Casacio Gets 1500 Signatures.

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