Pat Meehan Hits Choppy Water

Pat Meehan Hits Choppy Water
Pat Meehan, has he opened a door for Casacio?

Pat Meehan Hits Choppy Water — Incumbent Pennsylvania Congressman Pat Meehan expected smooth sailing in his cuddly customized 7th District cocoon but he has hit some chop.

His opponent in the April 26 Republican primary, Montgomery County businessman Stan Casacio, got the endorsement of the Berks County Republican Committee in late February.

Granted the Berks section is but a small part of the district but it is worth noting that its Republican leaders are obviously unsatisfied with the representation they are receiving from Meehan.

More damning, though, is the revelation reported by on  March 4 that Philadelphia Democrats are  big backers of Meehan.


So, what’s up with that Pat? If the GOP rank and file learn of this, the cost will be far greater than any benefit this support provides. You might have even opened the door for a Casacio win, something we would not have thought possible two months ago.

Pat Meehan Hits Choppy Water


3 thoughts on “Pat Meehan Hits Choppy Water”

  1. With a barely 25% conservative voting record, which means he’s voting with the Dems 75% of the time, no-one should be surprised by who is supporting Pat Meehan.

  2. This is bananas. The only way anyone defeats Pat Meehan is if he’s found with a dead woman or a live boy. Anyone who thinks “Congressman Casacio” is a possibility must be on some kind of exotic drug. I’d like a hit, please.

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