Meehan Gets Independence Hall Endorsement

Meehan Gets Independence Hall Endorsement — The influential Independence Hall Foundation, a conservative grass roots organization with thousands of followers in the tri-state (DE, NJ, PA) region, is announcing today that its Board of Directors has voted unanimously to endorse Pat Meehan for Congress in the April 26 Pennsylvania Primary.

Meehan Gets Independence Hall Endorsement
Congressman Pat Meehan

“The 20-member Board of the Independence Hall Foundation has chosen to endorse Congressman Meehan (PA-7) because of his conservative record on fiscal, social, and defense issues” said Foundation spokesperson, Teri Adams, of Montgomery County, PA.

“We supported Pat Meehan when he first ran for office in 2010 and we fought hard to flip the seat from D to R as Democrat Joe Sestak had been the seat’s prior occupant.

“We see absolutely no reason to withdraw our support now.

“In fact, we are proud of Congressman Meehan’s efforts to overturn ObamaCare; defund Planned Parenthood; lower taxes; decrease spending; expose corrupt practices of the Veterans Administration; hold the Obama Administration accountable on the Benghazi and Fast and Furious scandals; and support our nation’s military preparedness.

“In January 2015, Congressman Meehan spoke at the Foundation’s Delaware Valley Pro-Blue Rally in support of our region’s law enforcement community.

“While we may not agree with every vote cast by Congressman Meehan, we are more than pleased with his overall record,” said Ms. Adams.

Meehan is being challenged in the April 26 Republican primary by Stan Casacio.

Meehan Gets Independence Hall Endorsement

29 thoughts on “Meehan Gets Independence Hall Endorsement”

  1. Independence Hall Foundation endorses the Arlen Specter Union Republican Pat Meehan; Independence Hall Foundation is not independent of the Republican Establishment. Odd, how many pro-life lobbyists are Big Government Cronies and Statists.

    1. Many pro-life lobbyists are fooled or fooling themselves with these RINOs. They get invited to dine and meet with the Big Government elites where they think they are building “relationships” necessary to get things accomplished. In reality, the RINOs are co-opting them with dinner.

    2. Dear Bill,

      With all due respect– and we have tremendous respect for you–your blog has contained numerous criticisms of Pat Meehan’s record–some of it without merit–lodged by everyone from Dom Giordano to his main opponent–Stan Casacio.

      The truth is that during his tenure as Cheltenham Township Commissioner, Mr. Casacio led the way to a significant increase in spending and taxes–not a very conservative record.

      Voters should be given a full picture of candidates so they may choose wisely.

      All the Best,
      Don Adams
      Independence Hall Foundation

      1. What about the ones with merit? Meehan’s acceptance of money from Philadelphia union bosses is a huge red flag. Being the lone Republican to oppose a bill allowing bad employees at Veterans hospitals from being fired or disciplined has normal people extremely angry. Getting praise from progressive totalitarians for his energy positions is extremely troubling as is the fact that he would do robo-calls for a big Planned Parenthood supporter for a county commissioner seat.

        I’ll grant you fleeing Drexel Hill for Chadds Ford is not a big deal but it does bother me as I had respected him for his blue collar sensibilities and the move is a sign of Potomac fever.

        I had originally planned to vote for Meehan back in January but now I think I’m going hit the button for Stan.

        I am not “NeverMeehan” however and I will support the winner whoever it will be in November.

    3. Bob,

      That’s funny coming from a guy who regularly funded Democrat campaigns. How much have you contributed to Democrat causes during your lifetime?

      For the record, the Independence Hall Foundation is supporting Joe Peters for Attorney General and Chet Beiler for Congress, so you can’t claim we are Republican establishment.

      In this race, Meehan is head and shoulders above his opponent.

      BTW, didn’t Casacio receive the endorsement of the Berks County Republican Party?

      That’s an establishment endorsement.

      This establishment v. anti-establishment is a phony narrative.

    4. I’ll have you know that I worked for State Rep. Steve Friend when he ran an uphill campaign to defeat Arlen Specter in the 1992 GOP primary.

      I was Steve’s central PA coordinator.

      Specter was a pro-abortion RINO who ended his career by becoming a Democrat.

      Pat Meehan is nothing like Arlen Specter.

      Pat is in the mainstream of the Republican Party and has fought for most of the things we have been fighting for–repealing ObamaCare, defunding Planned Parenthood,
      tax reform, balanced budget, strong defense, etc.

      1. Pat Meehan does a lot of “posture fighting” but what does he do in the end? He votes yes…to planned parenthood funding and to the massive spending increases.

    5. So you’re using the rather new Heritage Action Scorecard?

      They like to skew the results negatively to keep the mob angry & donating. We consider the ACU scorecard & the fact that legislators in the Philadelphia region operate in more liberal districts and must worry about maintaining their seats. Wish it weren’t so.

  2. Independence Hall Foundation is neither conservative nor influential. The appearance given is it would like nothing more than to be an insider entity of the GOP.

    1. Independence Hall Foundation is sadly proving themselves to be another arm of the corrupt RINOs. This is just more proof of their drift away from the principles they first were first founded on. I know it’s more fun to be on the inside rather than being the outsiders, but still, very sad.

    2. Pat Meehan has been endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee in previous elections and will be endorsed by them, again, in the general election.

      Pat’s endorsement of Zelov, if that’s even accurate, has nothing to do with Zelov’s position on Planned Parenthood.

      Pat probably wasn’t aware of Zelov’s place on the board.

      But if any of you support Donald Trump for President–and I think Gayle and possibly Casacio do–you’re supporting
      a presidential candidate who gave money to Planned Parenthood, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and numerous other pro-abortion Democrats.

      But the holier than Thou crowd doesn’t recognize their own hypocrisy.

    3. And if you’re supporting Donald Trump for President, many would quibble with your conservative credentials, Mary Ellen.

      Our group is also endorsing Joe Peters and Chet Beiler who are not considered establishment.

      We endorse the best candidates regardless of party backing or lack there of.

      1. Don have you forgotten what a Primary is all about? Opposition and competition are politically healthy. Please don’t confuse your endorsement with a edict that all must obey. Meehan has tremendous faults that cannot be ignored. He needs to bring his voting record up from the dismal 31% it is now on the conservative scale. He can’t profess conservative values in an election bid…he needs to have the voting record to back it up and right now he falls miserably short.

    4. Trying to help another democrat get into office Mary Ellen? If it were up to Republicans like you, there’d be democrats in every seat. Bravo!!

      The first time I encountered people with your mentality was when I volunteered for the Reagan campaign back in college. Laughably we were accused of not being conservatives then. Not only was Reagan despised by country club Republicans, but the far right didn’t like him either. So your charge couldn’t be more comical or unoriginal.

      I’ve been opposed to such thinking ever since. It’s nothing new. You can use your bully tactics all you want, but our group will continue to do what we think’s best. We’re not joining the mob. It’s most unfortunate that the age of the internet has inspired another proliferation of misguided thinkers like yourself.

  3. If Mr. Meehan is a conservative why does vote only 31% conservative? My WAG is that he is not a conservative!

  4. Pat Meehan not only has a very disappointing voting record, he also lends his name to Planned Parenthood Board members by endorsing them and last May 18, 2015 Pat Meehan was kind enough to record a robo call for Scott Zelov, a board member planned parenthood. That’s what you call, party over principles. There may be some things I can overlook, but this is not one of them.

    1. Pat Meehan has been endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee in previous elections and will be endorsed by them, again, in the general election.

      Pat’s endorsement of Zelov, if that’s even accurate, has nothing to do with Zelov’s position on Planned Parenthood.

      Pat probably wasn’t aware of Zelov’s place on the board.

      But if any of you support Donald Trump for President–and I think Gayle and possibly Casacio do–they’re supporting
      a presidential candidate who gave money to Planned Parenthood, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and numerous other pro-abortion Democrats.

      But the holier than Thou crowd doesn’t recognize their own hypocrisy.

  5. Amusing that BillLawrenceOnline chose to left out the rest of Teri Adams’ e-mail that includes FACTS about Stan Casacio’s record of tax increases and spending in Cheltenham Township. Nothing to see here! Move along! All is well!

    1. I’m sure Dom Giordano would love to have a sit down with Meehan and Meehan can spell out all these nefarious things regarding Stan Casacio’s record which I would duly report.

      However, evenhandedly reporting that a significant local group has endorsed Meehan does not require one to also include the shots they take at the opponent.

      And really, an affiliation with a township government that raised taxes in the 1980s just doesn’t have the same weight of sin as being the only Republican to oppose a bill allowing the dismissal of bad VA workers.

      Or taking money from Philadelphia union bosses.

      And are you really, really that worried that Casacio is going to win?

    2. Dear Judas, It’s amusing how Teri Adams left out Pat Meehan’s endorsement of a Planned Parenthood board member and also the union boss who supported Sestak, Casey & Obama and worked tirelessly with John Kane against Mcgarrigle. It seems that anyone who has an “R” after their name is ok. Actions speak louder than words.

      1. I think the real reason Ms. Esler and her cohorts support Casacio rather than Meehan–as they did in 2010 and 2012–is to get back at Meehan for not endorsing her when she ran for the state house against a fellie Republican in a three-way 2015 special election and threw the election to the most liberal member of the Pennsylvania Away by siphoning votes away from her Republican opponent who lost in a very tight election.

  6. When I first came to Pennsylvania in 2012 Pat Meehan had a voting record of 47% in favor of Conservative policies…now he is down to 31%. When called upon to “explain” his votes, Pat Meehan has nothing but excuses to substantiate the failure of the bills. Did he ever think to vote NO? The final straw for me was when Meehan endorsed a union boss Candidate for Congress in District 161 last summer. Both Meehan and Independence Hall are out of step with conservative values.

    1. The conservative scorecard you are citing is just one of many.

      Meehan has scored much hire in the American Conservative Union scorecard.

  7. By the way gang, winning this seat in a general election is not a sure thing.

    Sestak occupied this seat prior to Meehan and we certainly don’t want the Dems winning it again.

    Sure hope Casacio’s campaign doesn’t inflict so much damage on Meehan that he loses the General Election to his Democrat opponent.

  8. I think people are overlooking something here. In 2008, Obama won Meehan’s district by a little more than 4%. Romney won the district in 2012 but only just barely, by less than 2%. In order to win, a candidate can’t be too far off from the ideological leanings of the people doing the voting. PA-7 is not a staunch “true conservative” district and so a staunch “true conservative” candidate is not likely to win election there. Running a candidate that is too far out of line with the people actually doing the voting is going to end up getting the Democrat elected. And sure, he might have voted with the Democrats a few times on issues that were important in his district. But he also voted with the rest of the party a lot more often than Democrats do. Someone who votes with you 70% of the time is, as Ronald Reagan said, a friend and an ally, not a 30% enemy. I think we are forgetting that here.

    Also note that while Romney took the district by only 2 points, Meehan took the district by nearly 19(!) points. Meehan is very popular there. Primarying him with a “true conservative” in a district that does not have many “true conservative” voters is a recipe for losing a House seat in Congress. The candidates need to reflect the ideology of the voters. They are paid to represent the voters in their district and the fact that the voters in that district tend to be less conservative than one would like is just a fact of life people need to accept. You can not move the political ideology of the voters by running a candidate that is farther to the left or right than the voters.

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