Meehan Gets Progressive Praise

Meehan Gets Progressive Praise
Pat Meehan, man of the left?

Meehan Gets Progressive Praise — Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Pa7) is being lauded by uber-left ThinkProgress for being among the Republicans signing on for action on climate change.

Wonder if Pat heard Marco Rubio explain at the March 10 presidential debate  how no law can impact climate change yet any law attempting so would raise energy cost $20 or $30 per month for working people.

Does Pat, who has recently moved to upscale Chadds Ford from working-class Drexel Hill, care about working people anymore?

It’s worth noting that ThinkProgress also praises Pennsylvania Republican congressmen Mike Fitzpatrick of the 8th District and Ryan Costello of the 6th District for getting their minds right on the benefits of feudalism.

We like the environment too. In lieu of  making life harder for the elderly and working people and the homeless — actually global warming would help that category — we offer these suggestions on how to get others on board in the fight against “climate change”

  • Rather than push things that make life harder push things that make life easier. Most would prefer telecommuting to driving. Encourage business to make it happen for jobs were it is possible. Most would prefer not stopping at toll booths. Toll booths snarl traffic which means more pollution which means more greenhouse gas. Make all bridges and roads free.
  • Push for nuclear energy. Replacing all coal and gas electrical plants with nuclear ones would do more to stop global warming that a hyperloop train in every town. Once upon a time, it was thought that nukes would lead to electricity “too cheap to meter.” Safety concerns and nuclear waste (and greed and over-regulation) have made many feel that was but a pipe dream. It remains possible in theory, though, hence it remains possible and with wisdom meter-less electricity can be made to happen. Make it a goal and sell it if you really care about “climate change”.

By the way Pat, that’s strike two.

Meehan Gets Progressive Praise


4 thoughts on “Meehan Gets Progressive Praise”

  1. Pat Meehan is a major disappointment. That he has signed on for anything that promotes global warming shows us where his real allegiance lies and it’s not with the Republican voters of the 7th District. I doubt he’ll be defeated but perhaps a challenger is a step in the right direction.

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