Shout Out To PatriotOnline

Shout Out To PatriotOnline — Elon has taken Twitter and fired the bullies. The guy formerly known as Kanye West is buying Parler. Donald Trump’s TruthSocial is soaring and Gab is maturing.

October 2022 is a good month for free speech.

We’d like to give a shout out to Greg Stenstrom’s social media site Patriot.Online.

It’s interesting, intelligent, easy to use and has a strong Philadelphia-region flavor.

Meanwhile, the place formerly known as Facebook, is collapsing. Being a censorious, hypocritical wannabe tyrant really doesn’t pay in the end, does it Kommissar?

And we’ll take our share of the credit.

Shout Out To PatriotOnline
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Shout Out To PatriotOnline

2 thoughts on “Shout Out To PatriotOnline”

  1. Thank you United States, saving the free world. Just as Canada is blocking free speech, one more reading in our supposed fake lieberal run Senate and our computer algorithms will be changed to what ever content our corrupt WEF government says, like our supposed WEF run government paid out lying propaganda media.
    Trudeau is rallying and protesting with all the thousands of Iranians here in Canada, he knelt to Black Lives Matter and hires Antifa thugs etc.. But Trudeau with his severe lock downs and mandates, almost forced clot shots if you wanted to work, called the Emergency Act (first time used) and brutally put down a peaceful real Canadian grassroots (heroes in my mind) a great Freedom Trucker Convoy 10’s of thousands of them, so many out of work, with out his clot shots. They flew in thousands of foreign peoples without even checking them but Canadian and American citizens could not cross the border just outsiders? We could not use planes,trains or buses etc never mind all the businesses closed but government run liquor and pot shops were considered essential, like most large food stores, although even some of them were not allowing the ?unvaxed? in. etc. We are starting to fight this, but the last election was all run by the WEF, all the mainstream leaders were then country destroyers, so it did not really matter who you voted for or even bothered to vote. I voted for a new small party, they did not win one seat.

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