Farewell To Facebook And So Long

Farewell To Facebook And So Long — I’ve deleted my Facebook account. Can’t believe that I had been on it since March 2010.

Why? I’m sick of wannabe tyrants like Zuck getting power and influence from me. He’s no friend of freedom.

I’m still on Twitter but I think I’ll be quitting that too.

You can find me as BillLawrenceOnline on Clouthub, Gab, and Kreatyr.tv and as BillLawrence2 at MeWe

And of course, we are always here at BillLawrenceOnline.com. Subscriptions are free and appreciated. Just type in your email in the box at the top right.

Deleting your Facebook account is an easy thing. Here are the directions.

Farewell To Facebook And So Long

3 thoughts on “Farewell To Facebook And So Long”

  1. No Twitter or FB for me, thank you, either. Thank you Mr. Lawrence I want to keep you and your great Information.

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