Twitter Timeout For Concern About Christie

Twitter Timeout For Concern About Christie — Noted commentator Ann Coulter gave cruel and dangerous advice to Chris Christie so we gently chastised her and offered constructive and caring suggestions to the former New Jersey governor.

What did our good deed get us? A 12-hour time out from Twitter.

Oh, the humanity.

Twitter Timeout For Concern About Christie

8 thoughts on “Twitter Timeout For Concern About Christie”

  1. Suggesting a diet and gentle walking for Fat Fatsie is hardly an attack. What else could have upset the Twitter bot that gave you the penalty?

      1. I’m already on the edge with all the social media outlets! I got an admonition and notice of being kicked off Truth Social, of all places. However, I appealed it and was re-instated, but no clue whatsoever as to what triggered them!!

        Got kicked off Twitter many moons ago, and only got back on sans my 3000+ followers. Then got kicked off Fakebook in January of this year, lost my 2500+ friends.

        And so it goes!!!!

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