Gettysburg Hearing Can’t Be Used Against Trump

Gettysburg Hearing Can’t Be Used Against Trump (Corrected Version) — Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Erdos, July 31, ruled that a tweet and comments President Trump made regarding a legislative hearing on the election held in Gettysburg, Nov. 25, 2020 can’t be used against him from a defamation suit filed by former Delaware County, Pa. Voting Machine Warehouse supervisor James Savage.

Judge Erdos said Trump claim that elections in Delaware County were rigged was protected by presidential immunity.

Remaining as defendants are Rudy Giuliani, Jen Ellis and Delco poll watchers Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom.

Why is this case being held in Philly? Savage was employed in and lived in Delaware County when the alleged defamation occurred, after all, and Mrs. Hoopes and Stenstrom remain Delco residents.

Gettysburg Hearing Can't Be Used Against Trump (Corrected Version)

Pennsylvania law allows plaintiffs to chose any county in the state to file their case.

Judge Erdos in a June 20 hearing in which he dismissed a bizarre request by Savage’s attorney Conor Corcoran for a protective order against Mrs. Hoopes and Stenstrom, noted that none of the various cases regarding 2020 election fraud allegations ever went before a jury and that the eyes of the world will be on Philadelphia when this case goes to trial.

Considering the indictments against Trump filed, yesterday, Aug. 1, by Special Counsel Jack Smith alleging that the President conspired to defraud the government, impede Congress and violated persons right to vote for saying the 2020 election was rigged, it seems a whole lot of cases regarding 2020 are now going to be going to trail.

Wonder if Smith considered that before filing his indictments. He was under a lot of pressure after all being as how Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer had just testified to Congress that Joe Biden listened in on his son’s business meetings and met with the corrupt mayor of Moscow’s filthy rich widow after his which his little boy got a $40 million investment.

Trump Dropped From Delco Defamation Suit

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