Brian Fitzpatrick To Be Primaried By Mark Houck

Brian Fitzpatrick To Be Primaried By Mark Houck — Civil Rights activist Mark Houck announced, today, Aug. 2, that he will challenge incumbent Pennsylvania Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick in the state’s 2024 Republican primary election, which will be April 23.

The announcement was made on Don’t Back Down hosted by Stan Casacio and Andy Teitelman on WWDB.

Fitzpatrick represents the 1st District which consists of Bucks County along with parts of Montgomery County and Philadelphia.

Houck made national news when he was arrested at his home the early morning of Sept. 23 by 25 heavily armed FBI agents who arrived in a convoy of 15 vehicles.

Houck was charged with a federal law prohibiting the blocking of access to abortion clinics for incident that occurred in October 2021. He was acquitted by a Philadelphia jury on Jan. 30 when it was revealed he was no where near the clinic’s entrance and the incident, which involved minor shoving, had been instigated by abortion-escort Bruce Love. Love walked 50 feet to where Houck was and berated his daughter.

Fitzpatrick, a former FBI agent, is known for his hatred of the anti-globalist MAGA movement. He was one of just nine House Republicans to vote to hold  Steve Bannon  in contempt of Congress.

Houck is a teacher who has a masters degree in education.

Mark Houck with his family

3 thoughts on “Brian Fitzpatrick To Be Primaried By Mark Houck”

  1. Just heard this on the Don’t Back Down show. You are quick, Bill!
    This is great news for Bucks County and the section of Montgomery County that is in his district. District 1.

    For the District 4 in Montgomery County, check out David Winkler.

    Madeleine Dean has to go!

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