1619 New York Times Garbage

1619 New York Times GarbageThe New York Times is starting a divisive propaganda push to convince Americans that our country didn’t start in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence but in 1619 “when a ship carrying enslaved Africans landed in Virginia.”

This is going to backfire. You see those 20 Africans were not chattel slaves bound for life but indentured servants much as half of the European immigrants to the colonies were. These Africans were put in bondage by other Africans. Europeans gave money to those who had put them in chains allowing them to gain their freedom after a period of labor– at least in Virginia. It wasn’t all that bad a deal for them.

One of those 20 original indentured servants was an Angolan who took the name Anthony Johnson. After Johnson served his indenture and gained his freedom, he became a successful tobacco farmer. He got an African indentured servant of his own named John Casor.

Except Johnson didn’t free Casor upon the expiration of the indenture.

So Casor got help from an English neighbor, who compelled Johnson to grant Casor’s freedom. The victory, however, was short lived. Johnson filed his own lawsuit in 1654 in Northhampton County, Va. The powers that be felt Johnson had a pretty neat idea, and ruled in his favor binding Casor to him for life.

And hence the vile evil of chattel slavery was born.

If The New York Times wants to argue that our founding father was Anthony Johnson, well, it would certainly be an interesting thing to teach during Black History Month.

The United States was founded on July 4, 1776. Almost immediately upon declaration of independence the British mandate to maintain slavery was rejected by the Northern colonies and abolition began, starting with the counties of New York that would become Vermont in 1777 and then Pennsylvania in 1780. Note this was before the Treaty of Paris was signed and the Revolution still raged.

Skin color is meaningless. Judge people by their character.

The New York Times is garbage. All decent people should ignore it.

1619 New York Times Garbage
1619 New York Times Garbage

5 thoughts on “1619 New York Times Garbage”

  1. At least half of the 17th Century settlers were indentured servants, primarily white Irish and English. They were NOT apprentices, as some foolishly maintain, and earned no wages, etc. They were in the cotton and tobacco fields, kitchens and cleaning toilets, doing the same work as the slaves who followed them in the 18th and 19th centuries. One reason for their replacement was that slaves were somewhat cheaper (why big business wants more visas to replace today’s American workers). Another was that they died, or from a corporate view – those “resources” were not as durable as African slaves.

  2. Does anyone remember Alex Haley’s “Roots”? It was Africans who hunted, captured, and sold Africans to the white slavers who waited on their ships. You think those white boys were going into the jungle themselves?

    And it was white people who freed them. The slaves did not free themselves.

    Can we get some perspective here?

  3. When I heard this story, and the related story that the Times’ staff held a meeting to plan how they will report the news over the next year-and-a-half, I thought of nothing more than Winston Smith, plugging away in MiniTru, waiting for the next directive on what to print.

    We cannot repeat this often enough: Truth is not a value to the Left.

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