Grooming At Wallingford School

Grooming At Wallingford School — We hear that Wallingford Elementary School– allegedly the 25th best in the state — is shamelessly grooming children to be comfortable with engaging in sex.

We hear that teachers don’t lead students in the Pledge of Allegiance and some express open hostility to Christianity.

And we were sent these photos on display at the high school.

Grooming At Wallingford School

Grooming At Wallingford School

Rather that telling kids to make their parents use their college savings to have them sterilized, why not teach them to love how they were born and to grow into what they were designed to be?

It’s bizarre that the Wallingford Swarthmore parents are so cowed by fear of shaming they won’t defend their kids. See here and here and here for what’s been happening in the rather wealthy district in Delaware County, Pa.

And we just got sent this exercise in grooming children to accept exploitation at the Haverford Township Free Library.

Grooming At Wallingford School

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  1. It is past time to speak Truth to power. These people are degenerate pedophiles and have absolutely NO business being anywhere near children. These so called teachers should at a minimum be in a mental institution. At a minimum. I’m being generous.

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