President Trump

President Trump
President Trump

It’s a new day in American and we can now say President Trump. We can now say radical Islam is the source of terrorism. We can now say we are proud to be an American and how much an American one is does not depend on one’s ethnicity.

And we can now say, without fear of mockers, God Bless America.

President Trump’s inaugural address was every bit as inspiring as those of Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy which are the benchmarks of the last 60 years.

It was inclusive and not a bit self-centered.

We would like praise President Obama who seemed sincerely supportive during the speech. While we always had a low opinion of Obama’s agenda and competency we could never bring ourselves to loath him.

This is unlike our 42nd President whose hand we noticed President Trump (love that)  avoided shaking.

President Trump

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  1. I thought Bubba looked pretty happy! Maybe his bitch will finally be behind bars….Bill would finally be free…. kinda feel bad for that old dog….You know…. haveing to put up with that witch all those years.

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