Pennsylvania Elector Faces Orchestrated Pressure

Pennsylvania Elector Faces Orchestrated Pressure
Sorry spammers, Sheriff Bunny Welsh is voting for Trump/Pence.

Pennsylvania Elector Faces Orchestrated Pressure — Carolyn Bunny Welsh, who is Chester County sheriff and one of Pennsylvania’s 20 electors for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, is getting swamped with letters, emails and phone calls demanding she not vote for the victorious Republican ticket.

The demands are coming to her home and office, and to her personal and business accounts.

She has received thousands over the last three days and she no longer even bothers checking her voice mail.

“It’s harassment,” she said. She had to assign an assistant to specifically deal with the onslaught until Chester County’s I.T. staff developed new filters.

She says most of the messages asked that she vote for Hillary Clinton although many  merely wanted her to abstain or vote for another person.

She said the messages are clearly orchestrated. One sender even inadvertently included a form to follow.

She said the messages started as trickle on Wednesday and then exploded.

She said that none she received could be construed as threats and most were generally respectful. She said some implied, though, she’d be a racist or misogynist for voting for Trump.

She said many claimed to be minorities or gays and begged to be protected from Trump.

The plan is to keep Trump from getting the 270 electoral votes need to take office.

It is not going to work.

“I don’t get it,” she said. “What do they expect to accomplish?”

Pennsylvania is one of 21 states whose electors are not bound by law, so the Keystone contingent can expect the spamming to continue until Trump and Pence officially become president and vice president when the Electoral College votes on Dec. 19.

“It’s normally just a ceremonial thing and a great honor,” she said.

Pennsylvania Elector Faces Orchestrated Pressure

14 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Elector Faces Orchestrated Pressure”

  1. “She said the messages are clearly orchestrated. One sender even inadvertently included a form to follow.”

    Is there no formal body to report this to? I would expect that there is, and that Welsh has already reported it to them. This kind of election-tampering needs to be publicized as broadly as possible.

  2. I am sure our other Electors are as honorable as you! Can’t wait to see you on TV on Inauguration Day! Proud of you!
    PS. Do be extra careful til then. Those people are wacky.

    1. … and “those people”
      is exactly the kind of language that’s wrong with this election. I am really ashamed of PA and my home county.

  3. We stand behind you Sheriff Bunny & are grateful for your support of President-elect Trump. Although we no longer live in Chester County, as long-time residents, we continue to care about the county, the state, & our country.
    Geri & Allen

  4. What a great honor to have you uphold this privilege and committed role. May God bless you, protect you, and go before you in all this, Sheriff Bunny. Thanks for all your hard work and your gracious heart.

  5. I had the privilege to meet Bunny at a Woman for Trump event and hear her speak She will stand committed to cast her elector vote to President Elect Trump! Women that supported the Trump/Pence ticket have integrity and can’t be swand. I will pray that God watches over you and your loved ones.

  6. Who cares if they are orchestrated? An opinion is an opinion. Some people don’t have the time to write a clear message. Maybe that’s why they need help. As for me, Trump is an abomination to the presidency & the constitution. Anyone but Trump.

  7. Boy, that worked out well. (Not.) There’s a theory that electors are NOT strictly ceremonial, and NOT some kind of “honor” for loyalists, but that electors actually have the responsibility and duty to save their country from obvious lunatic populists. I’m so sorry she didn’t feel it. People petitioned for redress, the same as they petition any government official who has a DECISION to make, and didn’t get any.

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