Massive Nevada Voter Fraud

Massive Nevada Voter Fraud –Donald Trump lost Nevada, Nov. 8, by 26,434 votes. Maybe he didn’t lose it at all.

Massive Nevada Voter Fraud
Did he win Nevada too?

Newsmax is reporting the U.S. Postal Service certified returned mail from 9,200 persons on the voter roll in State Assembly District 15 which is Clark County. The votes cast in the district were 17,086.

Many of returned names belonged to deceased persons or of celebrities like Edward Snowden who obviously did not live in the district.

The investigation was initiated by Republican Assembly candidate Stan Vaughan who lost his race by 6,942 votes, an ostensible landslide, unless, of course, there were 9,000 fraudulent votes for his opponent in which case Vaughan would have won.

Vaughn said a sample of 200 of the returned names showed that 185 had indeed voted.

Further Vaughan said many including himself was prohibited from voting because the poll worker claimed that he had already did.

Clark County has 42 State Assembly districts most of which were won by Democrats. If there were 9,000 bad votes cast in just one and the Republican candidates themselves were kept from voting, we can add another state to the Trump win column.

Yes, Jill Stein is a hypocrite.

Hat tip Gateway Pundit.

Massive Nevada Voter Fraud


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