Fighting the Medical Industrial Complex

 Fighting the Medical Industrial Complex

By Bob Small

Recently, I read that Children’s Health Defense (CHD) was kicked off Facebook and Instagram. Having been at the Second Annual CHD conference, I wondered who was really spreading medical disinformation, they or the US government, specifically one Anthony Fauci.

Everyone I met and the speakers I heard, and the films seen at the conference in Savannah, GA, Nov 2-5, all spoke of receiving not misinformation but suppressed information. These were regular Americans who felt they had been lied to. Of course, our government never lies. You can ask it!

From that left-wing conspiracy journal The New York Times: The C.D.C. Isn’t Publishing Large Portions of the Covid 

Never Again is Now Global is a documentary film series by Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav.

Another important film is Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (2016). At the conference I watched the sequel to this film, which was quite alarming, discussing many of the adverse effects that children may have suffered from Vaccinations.

The Defender is the online newsletter published by CHD.

Like any group, the CHD has both detractors and its supporters.

The arm  known as CHD-TV also produces many videos.

CHD has been sending a bus called Vax-Unvax on a tour throughout the country, interviewing people in each location who have suffered vaccine-related injuries. It is still touring. 

Stories of the vaccinated is an article that discusses some of these bus interviews.

Interview 1839 – A Million People Need to Share This … is an audio interview with some doctors affiliated with CHD about issues regarding the WHO (World Health Organization) and its recent conduct regarding vaccination protocols.

Of course, you can find a plethora of media articles that attempt to discredit CHD.

Everyone should study all sides of the vaccination issue and make up their minds.

The “lamestream” media will try and make up your mind for you. Do you remember “weapons of mass destruction” and “the light at the end of the tunnel”? I thought you might.

Thanks to Carol and Don Kennedy who also attended this conference and shared their insights.

Fighting the Medical Industrial Complex

 Fighting the Medical Industrial Complex

4 thoughts on “Fighting the Medical Industrial Complex”

  1. Morning Bill-
    I’ve been following Sasha Latypova (Due Diligence & Art) and Katherine Watt (Bailiwick News) in their postings on Substack about the Jab and the legal framework behind it.
    Sasha is a biologist with extensive experience in subcontracting drug manufacturing for the large pharmaceutical firms. She smelled a rat very early in the “pandemic”, especially when the gov’t. shut down access to Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, two totally safe medications that had been around for decades with NO adverse consequences.
    Katherine is a paralegal who’s been uncovering the legal framework enabling the Emergency Use Authorization of the covid jabs. The legal set up for this goes back decades.
    Just like EVERYTHING ELSE in today’s world (Vatican/Politics/Corporate Structures/Institutions) the medical industry has been highly corrupted, and our gov’t is highly complicit.

  2. Despite the experience of the last 3 years from the initiation of the COVID hoax through the ongoing (actually increasing) time-delayed devastation of the mRNA shots that is the curse that keeps on cursing, the proof about all vaccines and the true intention of the Rockefeller medical system we live (die?) under has been right in our faces. Just like the proof about our manipulated election systems and the fraud that is our “government.” Only problem is that the MSM won’t cover it and those who need to know the truth, the brainwashed masses, can’t be convinced due to the depth of their cognitive dissonance. I am encouraged though as I feel we are approaching the critical mass of people who are getting fed up to the point of not taking it anymore. Some may not know exactly why they are feeling that way, the just know things are bad and getting worse. Once the pressure cooker of truth does pop, we may still have a chance to take back our country. In the meantime be prepared, not scared, and just keep praying.

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