Pat Poprik Nearly Bucked In Bucks

Pat Poprik Nearly Bucked In Bucks — Barry Casper almost upset long-time Chairwoman Pat Poprik in yesterday’s (June 25) election of officers for the Bucks County Republican Committee.

It was the first challenge to a county party chairman in memory.

Pat Poprik Nearly Bucked In Bucks
Pat Poprik

Casper got about 140 votes. It was uncertain how many Ms. Poprik received. There are 608 committee seats and just over 400 votes were cast. There were 111 committeepeople elected in the May primary. Soon after, however, Ms. Poprik filled more than 50 others via appointments.

The election included heated procedural disputes and those running things appeared oblivious to Roberts Rules of Order.

The disputes were such that Ms. Poprik pledged to convene a committee to address changing the party bylaws. This was also something that had not occurred in memory and Casper conveyed that this was a step in the right direction.

Pat Poprik Nearly Bucked In Bucks
Barry Casper

The votes were taken by roll call. Many of those voting depend on the party for jobs.

Also one voter, Mike Brill, cast 45 proxy votes, while another cast 35.

The Casper faction’s goals are described on

After the vote, Casper congratulated Ms. Poprik and both agreed to work together for the November election.

Casper has been tasked to oversee the Doug Mastriano gubernatorial campaign in Bucks, along with Liz Diehl, Audrey Strein, and Roni Arooj.

A grassroots earthquake is being felt throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Stan Casacio, supported by grassroots activists, nearly upset Montgomery County GOP Chairwoman Liz Havey, June 23, in the party’s officer election

Pat Poprik Nearly Bucked In Bucks

7 thoughts on “Pat Poprik Nearly Bucked In Bucks”

  1. Hmmmmm….Poprik 300 to Casper 120…..hardly “nearly bucked”. Casper “the Unfriendly Ghost” who claims he’s been so involved but has literally been the Ghost, as he’s known in Bucks County, because he had positions in name only but never shows up for anything, lost and lost badly. This was also quite evident yesterday when his name was announced for his bumbled 3 minute rambling Candidate speech and you could hear a few people ask “who??”

    As the leader of the most admired, effective and powerful county Republican Party in all of Pennsylvania there’s no surprise that Trump called Pat Poprik by name twice to nominate him for President!

    Also no surprise over this win, Pat Poprik! Well done!

  2. First off congrats to Mr. Casper on his appointment as Bucks Co. Coordinater for candidate Doug Mastriano. Let’s make sure he SHOWS UP & does the necessary work.

    35% of a vote is hardly a “Buck” of a chairmanship, just ask Scott Wallace

  3. Next time!

    I run a meetup group with over 800 people in Bucks and Montgomery County.

    You better believe that I am going to try to convince each and every one of them that if they want to see change, they need to get involved.

  4. Kieran, the vote was approx 27.5%, not 35%. He was roundly beaten.

    Bill, two things about your article that show a lack of preparation. 1. Everyone knew Pat’s vote count but you. 2. Such a challenge in Bucks occurred relatively recently; I believe it was 2012 and it involved Chuck McIlhinney’s mother. Do your homework, man.

    1. Check your history.

      2012 was a battle to replace Harry Fawkes who just retired, not a challenge to an incumbent.

      When an incumbent has to use 80 proxy votes cast by two people, panicky appointments to fill 50 seats, and an open roll call vote with Robert’s Rules being roundly ignored, I’ll stand by the claim that her re-election was a near thing.

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