Larry Krasner Impeachment Looms

Larry Krasner Impeachment Looms — The Pennsylvania Legislature appears to be about to impeach Larry Krasner — the guy George Soros hand-picked as Philadelphia District Attorney —as just revealed on WPHT’s Dom Giordano Show.

Murders during Krasner’s reign have risen from 317 in 2017 to 562 last year, a record.

Larry Krasner Impeachment Looms
A face only a Soros can love.

They are on a pace to hit 660 for 2022 according to Dom.

The Republicans control both chambers. The House, which has a 112-89 R edge, can impeach Krasner with a simple majority. Two-thirds of the Senate, though, is required for removal. The Republican advantage, there, is 28-20 with one independent who caucuses R, and one vacancy.

Will the R’s hold together? The guy behind the push is Senate Pro Tempore Jake Corman of the 34th District, so that seems likely.

Will four Democrats join them? Don’t rule it out. There are still Democrats who represent conservative areas that don’t hate police.

Regardless, I think Corman just got our vote for Governor.

Sorry Donna 🙂

Larry Krasner Impeachment Looms

7 thoughts on “Larry Krasner Impeachment Looms”

  1. Corman neutered Mastriano. Corman stopped the audit. Corman is a snake. Corman is a RINO. Corman is assisting the communists.

    Too little too late. All smoke and mirrors. Corman will never get my vote.

    What did Dubya say, “fool me once…”

  2. Let’s see if Leanne Kruger is on board with the impeachment. I’m not holding my breath…

  3. It will be great when Krasner is gone. We haven’t gone to Philly in so long because of the violence. Hopefully, Philly can clean up its act.

    But I don’t want Corman for governor. He does not get my vote. I think Dave White is the one to vote for this time around.

    1. Philadelphia is imploding with their authoritarianism and junk science vaccine mandates.

      Philadelphia is no longer a free city. So much for the cradle of Liberty. Benjamin Franklin is rolling over in his grave.

      I have tickets for a show in the city for a concert in April. If the mandates are still in place come April those tickets go right in the trash. Putting my money where my mouth is this time.

  4. Yeah, the Sorosians are coming under increasing fire. NYC is getting closer to impeaching its failure of a city attorney, as is Los Angeles, too.

  5. From a person who has lived in Philly for 54 years this guy Krasner is the biggest piece of shit along with the mayor who is a flat out disgrace also. They ruined the city and will continue to do so because all the people continue to blindly vote Democrat.

  6. You never had this problem when Frank Rizzo was the Mayor.
    Criminals were afraid to walk the streets. Put the Statue back,let loose the ” Highway Patrol ” problem solved. Kenny& Krazner must GO! FJB

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