Drug Cartels Control Pelosi?

Drug Cartels Control Pelosi? — A former Democrat from Arizona is saying his state’s politicians are under the thumb of the Mexican cartels and this control extends to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from lovely California.

Drug Cartels Control Pelosi?  -- An former Democrat from Arizona is saying his
Why else would she be fighting the Border Patrol?

Jeffrey Peterson, a tech entrepreneur who was picked by then Gov. and future Secretary of Homeland Security  Janet Napolitano for state’s influential  Arizona-Mexico Commission, implies this drug money is the main reason why Speaker Pelosi is fighting tooth-and-nail against President Trump’s proposed border wall.

It certainly makes you think. Perhaps a special counsel is needed to look into this.

Seriously, why is there so much fuss about giving the Border Patrol what they want?

Drug Cartels Control Pelosi?

6 thoughts on “Drug Cartels Control Pelosi?”

  1. Definitely food for thought,because her obdurate opposition to the wall,any wall,is illogical

  2. It makes no sense that she won’t fund any money to secure our border when she has voted for it in the past.

  3. Since I have long been a believer Satan controls the Democrat Party this doesn’t surprise me in the least. Homosexual Rights and Murdering babies are their trademark tell-tale signs of who they are and what/who they represent.

  4. Nancy D’Alessandro Pelosi’s father was in the Mafia and she is connected with the Mexican drug cartels. Small wonder she does not want a wall!

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