Jeffrey Peterson Linux Crusade

Jeffrey Peterson Linux Crusade — Little things can make a big difference. We’ve been advocating making DuckDuckGo one’s default search engine in lieu of Google; and Brave one’s default browser replacing Chrome or Safari. These things aren’t hard to do and if you won’t do them shame on you.

Tech pioneer Jeffrey Peterson, though, is taking it to a new level. On his Telegram channels, he’s evangelizing for the wholesale migration to the Linux operating system.

It’s about time.

Jeffrey Peterson Linux Crusade
Jeffrey Peterson

Linux is the open source alternative to Mac OS and Windows. Open source is source code free to modify or distribute. Note the word free. Yes, it means free, and this includes most of the software which is just usually as effective as what is offered by the Big Tech companies but without the costly licenses.

More significantly Linux is far more secure and private than what the plutocrats offer.

Another big plus is that old computer sitting in a closet and thought to be obsolete can be likely returned to life to such an effect one finds one using it more than the new machine.

The obsolescence is often planned, after all.

Anyway, Jeffrey’s Linux group is JP’s Technology Chat and can be found here. Obviously you need a Telegram account which we certainly recommend.

Another good Linux resource is Linux Users of Gab which can be found here. Obviously, you have to have signed up for Gab, which we also recommend.

And as long as we are considering a new dawn of technological freedom, quit Facebook, or as some refer to it Nouveau Lifelog.

Jeffrey Peterson Linux Crusade

4 thoughts on “Jeffrey Peterson Linux Crusade”

  1. As a former MCSE, MCSA, MCP I’ve been using Linux exclusively for the better part of a decade on all my desktop and laptop computers.

    Puppy Linux for the power user in me and Linux Mint for the day to day OS.

  2. I’m totally on board with what Jeff is doing, however someone banned me from his telegram channel for no reason and with no explanation. This makes me leery of subscribing or publicly advertising for his training.

    1. Same here. Unable to get to the channel after being on it for a few weeks. Suddenly, it’s not there and says “channel not accessible”. I assume I was banned/booted but can’t imagine what for. No notification/explanation.

    2. I was also banned from his channel for no reason. I did attach a link to a video because someone was asking about a freedom phone. That was it.

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