Fear Of A Dem Pro-Life Candidate

Fear Of A Dem Pro-Life Candidate

By Bob Small

Having been arrested at anti-government demonstrations, I have nothing but respect — never mind the cause — for those willing to be arrested for a belief. 

The would include Terrisa Bukovinac. She is among those seeking the Democratic nomination for president 

Ms. Bukovinac is the founder of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) which she says is a “liberal pro-life group”.  She says that The Progressive case against abortion “is inconsistent with the noon-violent instincts of feminism to tie the liberation of women to the elimination of any group of human beings”.

The Christian Post notes Ms. Bukovinac’s group includes pro-life activists who have been convicted of federal charges — and face 11 year sentences — in connection with a 2020 lockdown” of a D.C. abortion clinic.

Ms. Bukovinac has been rallying to their defense.

Ms. Bukovinac was also among those outside the federal prosecutor’s office, last October, protesting the persecution of Mark Houck

She talks about the need to bring back the concept of “ rescue”.  Rescue is a PAAU tactic that involves “entering abortion facilities to pass out roses with pregnancy help information attached to abortion-minded patients.”

She has also served on the boards of Democrats for Life of  America and Rehumanize International

The loyal Democrats of Swarthmore had never mentioned either to me.

In this Minimise interview, she simply says “I want to change the way that humanity views unborn life.”

In this CRUX interview, she asks the question, as an atheist, “if we only get one life to live and there’s no God to bring about justice in the end , how could abortion be just?”.

She believes we need “a willingness to disrupt the status quo.”

“No social justice movements are won without critical nonviolent direct action,” she says.

She is a co-leader of Secular Pro Life and serves on the board of Let them Live.

Here is an update regarding the D.C. Abortion Blockade trial.

Most of the updates, for some reason, seem to be from The Christian Post.

My arrests for civil disobedience also had to do with disagreements about US Government Policy.

My time in jail was hours, however, not years.

Fear Of A Dem Pro-Life Candidate
Terrisa Bukovinac supporting Mark Houck, Oct 7., 2022 in Philadelphia

Fear Of A Dem Pro-Life Candidate

2 thoughts on “Fear Of A Dem Pro-Life Candidate”

  1. Look no further than how a group treats the youngest and oldest members of a society.

    Murdering the preborn, molesting both intellectually and physically the children while locking away our elders in “assisted” living. Or worse the “tyrant and the tranny” here in PA where they actually sent sick people in the nursing homes to kill grandmom and grandpop as policy in 2020.

    Democrats are sick. Mentally and spirituality. Democrats are sickening. The modern Democrat party is no longer an American party. Naked communists.

    I’m old enough to remember when Casey Senior was chased out of the DNC for being “too” pro life. I remember when the DNC booed God. And I will never forget what they are doing under the so called leadership of Joseph Marionette Biden.

    The modern democrat party is absolute filth and an enemy to freedom loving People all over the nation and the world. No truth, no integrity, only a lust for power and dominance.

    As such the modern Democrat party MUST be rejected at every level as if our literal lives depend in it. There is no compromise or coexistence with thes diabolical ghouls.

  2. I just can’t believe that anyone pro life can be a Democrat. It’s
    Also their stands on the other issues thst to me precludes pro life person bring a progressive Democrat

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