Upbeat Delco Ticket Takes 2 Hours Of Questions In Havertown

Upbeat Delco Ticket Takes 2 Hours Of Questions In Havertown — Republican candidates had a two-hour conversation, tonight, Nov. 1, with Delaware County residents at the Nunan – Slook American Legion Post in Havertown, Pa.

They were upbeat and united. They happily noted how their opponents were dumping beaucoup dollars into advertising filled with over-the-top smears.

Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones, who is seeking a seat on County Council, said they were going to do to the incompetent incumbents what Buster Douglas did to Mike Tyson.

Granted, Tyson was never considered incompetent.

Jones grew up in Camden, N.J. but ended up in Delco after falling in love with a girl moving to Drexel Hill. He married her and that’s where he ended up raising his family.

He said those running for office either “seek power or seek principle” and all the county Republican candidates are in it for the principle.

“We are not doing this to be attorney general,” he said, giving a dig at incumbent District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer’s already begun campaign to be Pennsylvania’s next attorney general.

Jones talked about how Upper Darby schools are in decline and truancy has exploded. He said this happened when the district raised the start of the school day to 9:45 a.m.

Parents have to be at work hence not around to make sure their kids get to class, he pointed out.

He said former Democrat opponents are helping him in his council race.

Upbeat Delco Ticket Takes 2 Hours Of Questions In Havertown

Beth Stefanide-Miscichowski, who is running for district attorney, with county council candidates Joy Schwartz, Bill Dennon and Jeff Jones

Bill Dennon

Jones’ running mates for council are Upland mayor Bill Dennon and retired school teacher Joy Schwartz.

Dennon, whose full-time job is as a maintenance mechanic, grew up in the trades. He said his father, a truck driver, made him help him fix his cars as a boy before freeing him to play.

He said crime is out of control is his community which borders Chester due to the county Democrats’ woke policing policies.

Dennon said the D.A. is putting serious offenders on ankle bracelet monitoring due to closure of Delco’s juvenile facility. He said the youths are cutting the bracelets off without repercussions. The bracelets cost over $1,000 apiece.

Joy Schwartz

Mrs. Schwartz noted she is the daughter of immigrant parents who lived in tyrannies. Her father grew up in the Soviet Union and her mother in Franco’s Spain. She said her paternal grandmother spent nine years in a gulag and her maternal grandfather spent a year in a concentration camp on the Canary Islands as one of Franco’s political prisoners.

Mrs. Schwartz taught history in the William Penn School District for 20 years before retiring just before Covid. She took the school’s the mock trial team to state competitions.

The school district, which consists of the boroughs of AldanColwynDarbyEast LansdowneLansdowne and Yeadon, is not considered among the county’s elites.

The Democrats are attempting to frame Mrs. Schwartz as an “election denier” because she has been questioning the actions by Democrat-controlled council that do the opposite of creating confidence in voting.

Why just this morning we wrote about one of them.

Mrs. Schwartz said she prefers the term election verifier and has noted during her campaign that the council’s new spending will increase the tax bills of residents by 35 percent next year and the increases won’t stop if they keep power.

Beth Stefanide-Miscichowski

Beth Stefanide-Miscichowski, who is running for district attorney, said her long legal career has included being a Delco prosecutor where she convicted rapists and murders and ended up running the DA’s juvenile division; being a public defender; and having a well-established private practice specializing in elder law and estate planning.

She said crime is up 25-percent in Delaware County; murders are going unsolved, and that a murder in Upper Darby last week has caused the township to literally double its five-year annual average with two months remaining in the year.

She said Upper Darby has but eight police officers on the street at any given time when not so long ago the number was 20.

And Stollsteimer is refusing to prosecute petty theft cases, a point reinforced by Bill Dennon, who described his personal experience with an incorrigible local thief, and audience members who said Stollsteimer has directed police chiefs to not prosecute shoplifters.

She brought up the incident where the unstable Stollsteimer berated her at a public event for daring to contest the re-coronation to which he feels entitled.

She said the county legal bills were four times higher than under the Republicans due to its reliance on expensive outside law firms.

The only county-wide candidate missing was Dawn Getty Sutphin who had a prior commitment. She’s running for Common Pleas Court judge. She is far more qualified than her opponent.

Upbeat Delco Ticket Takes 2 Hours Of Questions In Havertown
With regard to lack of concern about election concerns, why was this election cart in the Nunan – Slook American Legion Post, Nov. 1, almost a week before the election?

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