Swarthmore OKs Demolition Of History For Sterile Condos

Swarthmore OKs Demolition Of History For Sterile Condos

By Bob Small

Swarthmore Council’s meeting began at 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 30 and continued to 2 a.m. the next day.

Although 90 percent of those in attendance at the packed Park Avenue Community Center (PAC) spoke against the demolition of 110 Park Ave. to make way for a multi-floor condo in the heart of Swarthmore, their statements and visual presentations did not sway council’s from approving the demolition by 4-2 vote. One SBC member was absent. The vote closed the meeting by whic h time the original crowd of approximately 100 had dwindled to a hard-core 20.

Most speakers felt that the developers were tearing down a historical building to build an unnecessary condominium. The developers have suggested the project presents a net gain for Swarthmore because it will add both density and “vibrancy” to the town. However this density means more municipal services will be required, possibly leading to higher taxes and more complexity. 

Similar benefits were touted touted with the promotion of  the Broad Table Tavern whose  benefits have been debatable.

The year 2023 is for municipal elections in Pennsylvania, and three of the council seats on Swarthmore Council are up for a vote. If you are interested in becoming a member of council, please consult the county election web site

Petitions to place independent Democratic, or Republican candidates on the primary ballot will be circulated from Feb. 14  to March 7. Be prepared to collect at least three times the required number of signatures, as the Democratic and Republican “machines” will try to challenge and knock off any independent Democratic or Republican candidates. Also, be prepared to make both friends and enemies.

Swarthmore is a one-horse town and a blue one at that. A tradition has developed that the uncontested primary serves as the general election, as the GOP avoids running candidates, even though each party needs but 10 signatures to place a candidate on the primary ballot.

Maybe there are other boroughs and towns where the elected officials have ignored the public’s wishes. Maybe the public might want to consider “unelecting “ their current officials?

Swarthmore OKs Demolition Of History For Sterile Condos
Swarthmore OKs Demolition Of History For Sterile Condos

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