George Hill Prison Again Before Council

George Hill Prison Again Before Council

Max Orenstein formerly of the Delaware County Public Defender’s office, called out County Council, Feb. 1, for dissembling about problems at the county prison, Joy Schwartz tells us.

Orenstein, who helped reduce numbers at the jail during the pandemic, says the numbers have now ballooned despite council’s claims of otherwise.

Orenstein says the inmates are living in sub-human conditions. He urges rejection of the proposed $40 million new juvenile facility and encourages all to resist council propaganda.

How can the George W. Hill Correctional Facility have a net increase in prisoners when the crime rate is down?, he asked.

Guards are also sounding the alarm about things at the prison.

The council heard numerous complaints from environmental activists about the proposed Penn LNG liquid natural gas export terminal proposed for Chester.

We will give our green friends odds this is going to come to pass. The people running things may give caring looks when talking to their faces but they are laughing their asses off at them after they walk away.

Carris Kocher expressed disappointment that council will not respond to questions or engage with constituents, and expressed dissatisfaction with the changes in the code regarding elections, especially the omission of the Return Board report.

She also expressed concerns about ZenCity, the artificial intelligence program council is adopted to assist with (or make?) policy.

Joy also tells us that the Board of Elections failed to give the required three days notice Jan. 24 meeting. They announced it on Jan. 23, she says.

George Hill Prison Again Before Council
George Hill Prison Again Before Council

2 thoughts on “George Hill Prison Again Before Council”

  1. Max called out the hypocrisy of the Delco Council. Max is a liberal Democrat but he is intellectually honest enough to expose a rat when he sees one. Will Max primary Christine Reuther? I hope so.

  2. They’re too busy debauching at drunken fundraisers in collusion with labor unions to care about the People.

    Some of the so called Ruling Class can’t even figure out how call for a taxi or rideshare. Then go wreck their car and refuse to cooperate with law enforcement. Then issue some half hearted “I’m sorry I got caught” apology. Then hope you don’t put the puzzle together to see how they really do despise us.

    But, you know, the “adults” are finally in charge again. To them I say FCC and I don’t mean Federal Communication Commishion. I’m sure County Council is intelligent enough to figure it out from there.

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