ZenCity Comes To Delco

ZenCity Comes To Delco — Delaware County Council, last night, Dec. 7, entered a one-year, $199,000 contract with ZenCity Technologies as expected.

The artificial intelligence-based software to be implemented is claimed to give local governments true knowledge about what their communities want rather than having to consider points made by people speaking at their meetings.

Questions for council: “Why do you trust Big Tech?” “Isn’t this a little Orwellian?” “Why can’t you just get out and talk to your neighbors?” “Or people at flea markets?” “Why don’t you find it troubling to discount minority views?” “Isn’t that what this software is supposed to do?” “Discount minority viewpoints?” 

ZenCity Comes To Delco
Delco’s worth fighting for

Many times it is but one person speaking in public that reveals a problem hitherto unknown by most.

And if one person is being treated unjustly that is grounds for action.

We suspect ZenCity isn’t meant to inform our officials but to provide an excuse to ignore the public.

Here are The Flying Burrito Brothers singing about ZenCity. The spelled it differently though.

Hat tip Joy Schwartz of Upper Darby.

ZenCity Comes To Delco

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