More Details About Lansdowne Dropbox Incident

More Details About Lansdowne Dropbox Incident courtesy of Greg Stenstrom’s Facebook page. Greg notes that the county Democrats are smearing the concerned citizen as an “election denier” when just a minute or two of calm explanation and a card with a contact number would have made the issue never happen. By the way, Delaware County, Pa. has more ballot dropboxes than Philadelphia and Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) combined.

We received a call regarding a gentleman who had reported two Delaware County employees stuffing the Lansdowne, PA, drop box with Mail in Ballots yesterday, and investigated.

In fact, it was a pick up of ballots, but it is clear why the gentleman saw it differently. When he was approaching in his car, what he saw was a female with two handfuls of envelopes in her hand putting them in a bag that was sitting on top of the drop box.

By the time he parked and got out of his vehicle, the drop box was closed, no ballots were in sight any longer, and the employees were walking away, and refused to even acknowledge him.

What he subsequently reported were handfuls of ballots disappearing into what appeared to be the top of the box, when they were going into the bag obscured from the gentleman’s view.

The narrative the Board of Elections has since crafted is that a crazy “election denier” threatened their employees, was screaming, and made false accusations regarding the Boy Scout and Girl Scout who were innocently “doing their job.”

What the video shows, and the interview I had with the gentleman revealed, was that he is retired, was driving to a spot to take his dog to walk, keeps an eye on his neighborhood, personally knows the police chief (and everyone else in Lansdowne, where he has lived his whole life), and saw an unidentified male and female at a drop box with what appeared to be ballots disappearing into the top of the box.

When he asked them what they were doing, they just turned their backs and insolently walked away from him without responding. He told them he had called the police, but that didn’t phase them, and the male finally responded by aggressively shoving his ID in the gentleman’s face, and then getting in the County van and leaving.

This is a prima facie example of the state of our government today. “Excuse me, what are you doing?”, with the response either being no response at all, or “F*** you” (read some of our court filings – the “F U” is not an overstatement).

Now, lets discuss what could have de-escalated and resolved the matter in a couple of minutes. “Excuse me, what are you doing?” “Hello sir, we’re County employees making a daily drop box pick up of Mail in Ballots.” “Were you putting ballots in, or taking them out?” “We were picking up. If you have any more questions, we have to rush to our next stop, but everything is on video camera (point to the camera), and you can call this number or let the responding officer call it, to sort things out.”

Instead, when the gentleman spoke to the police, and they in turn called the Board of Elections, the Director told them the gentleman would have to file a “Right to Know,” and that the police would only get the video after he “reviewed it.”

Then the harassment. The Director calls the gentleman and accuses him of threatening and intimidating “his” employees, interfering with them, tells him he checked with the police and that they told him the gentleman was a crank who regularly called them, told him they were considering further action against him, and that if he wanted the video, he would have to file a Right to Know request.

Two days later, the BOE finally releases the video, first to the news media “exonerating” the little angel who had shoved his ID in the gentleman’s face, without any mention that the same male was arraigned and released on $20,000 bail for assault and harassment charges the day before.

I have been dealing with 3 years of the same insolence, obstruction, contempt, and defiance by a handful of election officials and opposing lawyers who refuse to comply with law or even Court orders, and resulting (Pro Se) litigation.

Not a single RTK from either me, or the people I have worked with has been granted without a 2-6 months of delays, appeals, litigation, and even when finally ordered to comply with a records request, getting more defiance and litigation.

The gentleman that reported what he saw, which was reasonable, although in error (this time), had the courage to stand up for the rest of the People who remain silent, and demand accountability from “our government,” and should be applauded, not ridiculed.

I spoke to him this afternoon, and he was understandably a little rattled from the experience, which I told him was the entire point of the exercise, and thanking him for his vigilance service.

Attacking and gaslighting those brave enough to be counted is technically a tactic called ICD – “Isolate, Contain, and Destroy” – but otherwise known by most people as “bullying,” intimidation, and intentional chilling other citizens from exercising their rights.

It doesn’t work on me. I’m reserved and very deliberate in action, which is why I normally lay back before saying anything on a matter I don’t have all the facts for, to act on decisively.

And, that’s also why people call us. We help as many people as we can – regrettably too often more than we can handle – do the work we can do, as a civic duty (no charge) – and roll on.

Not a single material fact regarding election fraud that we have reported has been refuted or disproven since November 3rd, 2020 – not one. 6 wins, 0 losses, when sanctioned, and the only case remaining in PA for the Nov 2020 election, and cases for 2022 and 2023 elections still in progress.

New material facts of election law violations, and potential fraud that will require litigation will be coming out by Monday regarding the “little angels” in Delaware County.

Still in the fight. Semper Fi.

More Details About Lansdowne Dropbox Incident courtesy of Greg Stenstrom's Facebook page. Greg notes that the county Democrats are smearing the

More Details About Lansdowne Dropbox Incident

More Details About Lansdowne Dropbox Incident

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  1. Similar event happened to me with a sitting State Senator who had zero time for his constituents and did not appreciate being called out on malfeasance.

    Article 1 Section 20 PA Constitution as follows:

    Right of Petition

    “The citizens have a right in a peaceable manner to assemble together for their common good, and to apply to those invested with the powers of government for redress of grievances or other proper purposes by petition, address or REMONSTRANCE.”

    Emphasis mine.

    Bully is an understatement. Thugs.

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