End Shuster Dynasty

End Shuster Dynasty — Bill Shuster, the king of pork and earmarks who is representing Pennsylvania’s naturally conservative 9th District  and is pushing for a disgraceful $1 trillion crony capitalist farm bill, is  facing a primary challenge from Art Halvorson.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Here is what activist Bob Guzzardi gently says about Congressman Shuster and related issues:

Are the voters of US9 fiscal common sense conservatives or will they try re elect Bill Shuster?

Bill Shuster’s district no longer includes Squishy Cumberland County home of “not a registered Democrat” Pat Vance with familial ties to uber hack Mike Long.

Bill Shuster’s district now includes Indiana County and part of over-the-top hack Rob Gleason’s Cambria county.

The Shuster dynasty has ruled from1972 when national debt was ZERO. It is now $16 trillion, in part, to Shuster supported earmarks and vast expansion of ” transportation ” spending.

One Family Rule is not a Limited Government value. Sam Smith disagrees

Will challengers to Mike Fleck and Dick Hess emerge?

One minor quibble, Bob. The national debt has reached $16.87 trillion.

End Shuster Dynasty
End Shuster Dynasty

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