Why? Because they are Democrats.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, today, finally got around to publishing a in-depth report regarding the Luzerne County youth court scandal.

“How? Why?” they ask in the headline.

The scandal concerns the sending of hundreds of youngsters to private detention centers for often minor offenses such as fighting on the school bus. The centers were paid per prisoner and it is alleged the operators kicked back money to county judges to fill the facilities.

Judges Michael T. Conahan and Mark A. Ciavarella face federal racketeering, bribery and extortion charges. A federal judge, last month, rejected a plea bargain that would have sentenced them to 87 months saying it was too lenient.

In asking the how and the why, the Inquirer never felt it necessary to allot one of the article’s 2,000 or so words to identify the party of the men, which is the one that controls Luzerne County.

It starts with a D.

Their policy really does seem to be that party affiliation is redundant when dealing with Democrats. They certainly don’t feel it necessary to note the party when dealing with Republican scandals.

And, so when is Curt Weldon going to jail?

Bill Clinton For Township Council

Bill Clinton For Township Council — Actually, though too a Democrat this one doesn’t have any scandals associated with him.

Bill Clinton For Township CouncilHe’s the incumbent being challenged by Tracy Barusevicius to represent the First District of Upper Providence Township, Delaware County, Pa. The photo was taken on Manchester Avenue just south of the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology.

Bill Clinton For Township Council

ACORN’s Philly Office Welcomed Pimp And Pro

It looks like the claim that Philadelphia ACORN office booted James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles while they posed as pimp and prostitute was incorrectly reported by the old media.

The tape can be found here.

Brandywine Valley Great Scenic Route

Brandywine Valley Great Scenic Route  — They are the drives of a lifetime says National Geographic Traveler;  the 50 greatest scenic routes in the world. They include the Almalfi Coast in Italy and rugged lonely Cornwall, England.

And of course Route 1 in Delaware County or part of it anyway.

National Geographic Traveler calls it the Brandywine Valley Drive. It starts at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, meanders down Route 52 to The Inn At Montchanin Village in Delaware, then down routes 100 and 141 to the Hagely Museum and Nemours Mansion, then back to Route 52 to Winterthur and then back to Pennsylvania to Route 1 and  Brandywine River Museum, which is in Delaware County,  then back to the Diamond State down Route 141 to the Mount Cuba Center and then to Wilmington, believe it or not. It’s the tax free shopping. Seriously.

So next time you are drumming your fingers at the light at 202 just realize you are about 10 minutes away from one of the 50 greatest scenic routes in the world.

Brandywine Valley Great Scenic Route

Brandywine Valley Great Scenic Route

Rev. Al Threatens To Sue Rush

The Rev. Al Sharpton has threaten to sue commentator Rush Limbaugh for this Oct. 16 piece in the Wall Street Journal in which Rush defended himself regarding the false, racially hateful statements attributed to him that received wide dissemination.

Sharpton takes issue with Rush’s statement that he  “played a leading role in the 1991 Crown Heights riot (he called neighborhood Jews “diamond merchants”) and 1995 Freddie’s Fashion Mart riot.”

Good luck with that Al, LOL.

Since you appear to be a fan of the Wikimedia Foundation, which appears to be the source of the false quotes  used to smear Rush, here’s what Wikipedia says about you, Crown Heights and Freddie’s Fashion Mart.

But unlike the Limbaugh quotes, I don’t think it would hard connecting the things attributed to you to the actual events.

US Deficit At Record $1.417 Tillion

The U.S. deficit has hit a record $1.417 trillion as of Sept. 30 according to the White House. In case you should happen to have missed the reporting of the milestone in tomorrow’s papers, well, at least you’ve see it here.


Ashley Fox And The Banality Of Evil

Philadelphia Inquirer NFL columnist Ashley Fox, today,  expressed approval of commentator Rush Limbaugh being removed from consideration from owning a part of the St. Louis Rams.


She  wrote that he was not qualified to own an NFL team because he was too controversial and that he insulted Donovan McNabb in 2003 when he said he was not a good a quarterback as the consensus opinion and that the media was protecting him because he was black.


What isn’t fine is that an act of extraordinary evil occurred and she refused to express outrage much less even recognize it.

It quite reasonable and defensible to think McNabb is overrated — there were those who thought John Elway was overrated — or was protected because he was black.

It is not, however, defensible to believe that the murderer of Martin Luther King Jr., a decent and heroic man, deserves a medal. It is not defensible to think that slavery was beneficial. One who says those things is despicable.

Rush was reported as saying those things by major media outlets and national political figures. It was that reporting that likely lost him his bid. He never said them. There are those who still believe he did.

Ms. Fox in her column chose not address this wrong — and actually perpetuated a distortion of his statement regarding “Bloods and Crips” She used her space to write a banal column accepting evil and injustice.

What she did was a disgrace.

She should hang her head in shame.

Ashley Fox And The Banality Of Evil

Ashley Fox And The Banality Of Evil

Austin Scott Ghost Of Duke At PSU?

Austin Scott Ghost Of Duke At PSU? — Former Nittany Lion tailback Austin Scott is suing Centre County, Penn State, District Attorney Michael Madeira, former assistant district attorney Lance Marshall, six Penn State police employees and Scott’s accuser regarding his 2007 rape arrest which resulted in his being suspended from the team.

The charges were dropped as the case was about to go to trial when the judge ruled the defense could present to the jury the accuser falsely accused a man of rape four years earlier.

The accuser’s name was not mentioned in reports of the story in the Allentown Morning Call or the Centre Daily Times.

Scott claims unlawful arrest, malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, government liability and conspiracy and says the case destroyed his NFL career.

Scott’s attorney, John Karoly, says the law enforcement failed to make a reasonable effort to exclude unfounded allegations.

One difference between this case and the 2006 Duke lacrosse travesty is that Scott is black and his accuser is white, which might explain why faculty did not take out advertisements practically demanding his conviction.


Austin Scott Ghost Of Duke At PSU?


Bearing False Witness: Rev. Jackson And Rush Limbaugh

Bearing False Witness: Rev.  Jackson And Rush Limbaugh — Someone who says that the murderer of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. deserves a medal of honor, or that slavery was beneficial because you could walk the streets at night would be a rather despicable person.

One who would be worse though is someone who says someone said those things yet never did.

And so we get to the case of Rush Limbaugh who is seeking to fulfill a life-long dream of owning an NFL team — in this case the St. Louis Rams.

Alleged  journalists Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star, David Shuster of MSNBC and Rick Sanchez of CNN and others have attributed on air the quotes to Rush as fact without bothering to cite them — they come from Wikiquote and made up out of thin air by a leftist propagandist — or contact Rush to give him a chance to explain or deny.

Alleged Reverend Jesse Jackson also repeated the slander on air apparently unaware that bearing false witness is one of the 10 big ones.

And, if you should be interested, here’s the scrambling going on a Wikiquote.

And for Rush’s response visit here.

Rush airs on WPHT 1210 AM from noon to 3 p.m., weekdays.

Bearing False Witness: Rev.  Jackson And Rush Limbaugh

Gov. X Still Trying To Toll I-80

A  study on the impact of tolling I-80 in Pennsylvania by Grove City College economist Tracy Miller highlights several flawsin the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s plan to toll the interstateunder Act 44.

Among the things the study notes are that tolling of I-80 would result in a large number of trucks diverting to roads like US 422 and 22, which are not designed for long-distance hauling.

You would think that with the global warming  and such enlightened Democratic leaders would not be pushing for things that would create snarls and increase CO2 emissions. Why would they?? Oh that’s right, state jobs. Patronage will trump a crisis each and every time with Ed Rendell.

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