Pa. Dems Shoot Down Bill To Keep Tax $ From Partisan Groups

Betcha you didn’t know the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania gives tax dollars to groups that:

• Actively manage a political campaign
• Solicit or handle political contributions
• Solicit votes
• Endorse or oppose candidates
• Circulate partisan nominating petitions
• Organize partisan voter registration drives
Well it does and an attempt by State Rep. Steve Barrar (R-160) to fix those things was was defeated, yesterday, after Democrats in the Pennsylvania House voted unanimously not to even consider the motion which would have amended the state Fiscal Code.

The vote was 102-94 to protect ACORN.

Jack Potter from the office of State Rep. Seth Grove (R-196) has said that ACORN has received $200,000 in state Community and Economic Development grants since 2007.

Barrar, on July 30, introduced House Resolution 426 that was a formal request to state Attorney General to investigate ACORN. It was referred to the  State Government Committee. It’s chaired by Babette Josephs, a Philadelphia Democrat. She’s a member of ACORN. Not much has happened regarding the request.

Inky & Times Opine On ACORN

The ACORN scandal has finally broken into the trad media.

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer’s editorial, of course, was basically an apology for the scandal-plagued organization despite the headline. The opinion of the Delaware County Daily Times, however, supported cutting off the group’s federal gravy train and express astonishment that our Sen. Bob Casey (D) was one of the few that didn’t.

The Times also carried a column by Gil Spencer raking ACORN over the coals.

Senate Will Let Philly Hike Sales Tax

The state Senate, btw, today, approved 32-17 a bill that would allow Philadelphia to increase its sales tax from 7 percent to 8 percent for five years and stretch out its pension contributions to generate $700 million to postpone the payment to the piper.

Question will there be any car dealers or appliance stores left in the city in
five years?

House Votes To Defund Acorn. Will Inky Mention It?

On the heels of an overwhelming by the U.S. Senate, the House also voted to cut federal money to the disgraced Obama-connected ACORN.

The tally was 345 to 75. All dissenters were Democrats.

Our own Joe Sestak, however, was one of the Ds who voted to cut the funds. You can bet, however, he hadn’t read about the scandals in the Inquirer or Daily Times. Congratulations Joe for doing the right thing. Hopefully, it wasn’t simple payback for Obama’s endorsement of Arlen Specter. as per has reported the Democrats in the State House foiled an attempt by Rep. Seth Grove (R-196) to cut state money to ACORN.

Ignoring the obvious question as to why ACORN should be getting any state money where does the state have any money to give the corrupt organization?

AP And Inky Play Blocking Fullback For ACORN

The Philadelphia Inquirer, today, moved the ACORN scandal up to page 3, and the story was rather lengthy, albeit granted it was wire copy from AP.

And of course the geist of it was how ACORN was shocked — shocked I say — at the events depicted in the videos taken at four of its offices in important urban areas and was going to have an “independent” investigation.

The story didn’t mention that the group initially threatened to sue filmmakers James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles for the sting and Fox News for airing it, nor did it point out that the Senate voted 83-7 to defund the group, nor did it point out that Pennsylvania’s own Little Bobby Casey was among the seven dissenters.

Shocked, I say, I’m shocked that the story doesn’t mention those things.

The story did, however, try to imply the complaints were partisan by unhip Republicans despite the Senate being controlled by Democrats and the vote to defund being strongly bipartisan — Little Bobby Casey excepted of course.

The Delaware County Daily Times ran the same piece of AP damage control although they put in on page 19 and cut it a little shorter.

Establishing Religion Through Science

Establishing Religion Through Science — It has come to my attention that a Scientific American article seemingly endorsed as legitimate the concern that many don’t believe in the theory of evolution — about 60 percent of Americans — even though they understand it.

From the Q&A between author Steve Miller and  Cognitive psychologist Tania Lombrozo from the University of California, Berkeley:

Steve: So it may be justifiable to say, “Here’s what we understand
about evolution as a science. We don’t care whether you accept it; we
just want you to understand it.”

Lombrozo: I think that’s the way a lot of people think about
education, and I think that’s a way to sidestep some complicated
ethical issues about whether or not it’s appropriate to present ideas
that could conflict with people’s beliefs. On the other hand, people’s
policy making decisions, their medical decisions and a lot of other
decisions might depend not only on whether or not they understand
evolution, but on whether or not they accept it. So in some sense, I
think the public has a lot at stake in whether or not people accept
evolution; but I am not sure the best way to proceed given these kinds
of findings about the dissociation between acceptance and belief.

Somebody is clearly trying to turn science into a cult and establish a religion with values significantly different that the ones taught by Jesus.

Establishing Religion Through Science

Joe Sestak Misses Making History

The House of Representatives, yesterday, for the first time in its 220-year history voted to formally rebuke a member for speaking out while the president was giving an address. The target of the action of course was Joe Wilson (R-SC) who shouted out “you lie” while President Obama was claiming his health care plan would not cover illegal aliens during last week’s address.

Ironically, Wilson cry occurred about the time Obama was accusing Sarah Palin of telling lies about the plan. More ironically, the presidents plan appears to have covered illegals albeit that has changed to some degree since Wilson’s outburst.

The 240-179 vote was largely along party lines with seven Republicans voting aye and 12 Democrats voting nay.

Among the 10 not taking part in this moment in history was our own Jilted Joe Sestak (D).

Here’s the roll call.

Inquirer Mentions Acorn Scandal

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer referenced the ACORN scandal.

It was in a three-paragraph story on page 16 regarding Sen Mike Johanns demand for an investigation.


Inquirer Mentions Acorn Scandal


Inquirer Mentions Acorn Scandal

Why The Dinosaur Media Is Dying

Nothing in today’s Delaware County Daily Times or Philadelphia Inquirer regarding the ACORN scandal despite yesterday’s 83-7 vote in the U.S. Senate to defund it — It has gotten at least $53 million since 1994 and Obama’s stimulus package made them eligible for billions — despite the fact that Pennsylvania’s own Bob Casey was among the seven dissenters.


Why The Dinosaur Media Is Dying

Why The Dinosaur Media Is Dying

Tears On Joe Sestak’s Pillow

Gov Ed Rendell and President Barack Obama are scheduled to be downtown 4 p.m., tomorrow for a fundraiser for Sen. Arlen Specter.

Joe Sestak is reported to be crying in his room.

Tea Party activists are expected to gather at 12th & Arch to remind them that it is the country that they should be putting first.

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