DNC Head Heckled At Synagogue Rally

DNC Head Heckled At Synagogue Rally

 DNC Head Heckled-- Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz (D-PA13) tries to buck up Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz (D-PA13) tries to buck up Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz after heckling at a Jewish Americans for Obama rally in Elkins Park, Pa.

A thousand-plus packed the auditorium, last night, July 16, at Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park, Pa. for a rally sponsored by Jewish Americans for Obama. While the crowd may have been almost all Jewish not all of them were for Obama and things at times got contentious with shouting matches breaking out in the audience.

The headline speaker was Democrat National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who represents Florida’s 20th District in Congress. Unexpected heckling to her claims that the President was a strong supporter of Israel visibly upset and flustered her.

Ms. Wasserman Schultz made her appearance quite late and this appeared to force the other speakers to go on longer than they had expected.

Daylin Leach, who represents the 17th District in the state senate, told the crowd that the Republican Party was full of anti-Semitism. He said, without irony in front of the synagogue’s podium that the Republicans are theocrats who don’t believe in separation of church and state, all the while describing the importance of his Jewish values. He, as did most of the speakers, reiterated the GOP’s opposition to abortion as a reason they must not be allowed to have the presidency back. When he spoke dismissively that Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia would be opposed by those with Jewish family values, he was rebutted from the audience with a cry of “not true” stopping him cold.

Montgomery County Commissioner Chairman Josh Shapiro followed Leach and described his personal experiences with President Obama starting in 2006 when he was tasked with organizing a last minute rally for Democrats in the state which featured Obama as the speaker. He brought his family. While warming up the crowd he was told to extend his remarks as the then senator was not ready. He later found that the reason for the delay was that Obama had to take Shapiro’s one daughter to the potty as his wife was tied up nursing their newborn.

An experience to remember.

State Treasurer Rob McCord followed. McCord grew up in Lower Merion. He noted that he too is Jewish despite the name and shared some anecdotes regarding it. He described the anti-semitism that his family faced in Arizona, where he lived as a young boy before moving to Pennsylvania, when it became known that they were Jewish.

Congresswomen Allyson Schwartz (D-PA13) introduced Ms. Wasserman Schultz. Much of the crowd did not stay for the questions which was just as well as all the answers were either Mitt Romney is bad or Obama loves Israel.

Also taking the podium was Montgomery County Democrat Committee Chair Marcel Groen.

Buttons saying “Stop the Abington Hospital Merger” concerning the proposed merger with Holy Redeemer Hospital, a Catholic institution, were distributed before the event and worn by many in the audience. A merger would require Abington to stop performing abortions.

Rabbi Lance Sussman said the Congregation will offer the Republican Party an equal opportunity to hold a rally featuring nationally known speakers.

DNC Head Heckled. DNC Head Gets Heckled At Synagogue Rally. DNC Head Gets Heckled At Synagogue Rally. DNC Head Gets Heckled At Synagogue Rally. DNC Head Gets Heckled At Synagogue Rally.


Protesting Obama in Elkins Park, Pa.

DNC Head Heckled
DNC Head Heckled At Synagogue Rally

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  1. Obama is losing support relative to 2008 in all areas. Where he had2/3 of the Ind voters in 2008 he is currently trailing Romney by double digits. He has also lost support among the young, Hispanics and yes even blacks (due to bad economy)

    Since we can be sure no McCain voters from last election will vote for Obama this time and so many Obama voters from last time have and continue to desert him now, it is becoming quite obvious what this next election will bring us and it is NOT a second Obama term.

    This despite the 7/24 liberal media water carrying for Obama.

  2. First, I am Jewish; with that in mind I must speak bluntly about my fellow Jews, the majority of whom are lemmings to the Democratic Party. They follow their leaders blindly. Whenever one tries to have an intellectual conversation about conservative philosophy, their answer is usually dismissive “lets not talk about politics”. The reason they react that way is they have no coherent answer to your reasoning. For people whose faith and intelligence has contributed so much to the word, they are political drones. I am proud of the Jews who have taken their experiences in life and been able to relate it to the political climate today; they are the ones who were protesting at this synagogue meeting. Bravo to those whose minds are open.

  3. Let me get this straight… “Daylin Leach, who represents the 17th District in the state senate, told the crowd that the Republican Party was full of anti-Semitism. He said, without irony in front of the synagogue’s podium that the Republicans are theocrats who don’t believe in separation of church and state…” at a Jewish Americans for Obama rally held at Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel. How very interesting and not surprisingly hypocritical.

  4. Shapiro needs to get his story straight or tell a real one …

    Obama’s daughters were born in 1998 and 2001 … so what newborn was she nursing?

  5. Re.”the majority of whom are lemmings to the Democratic Party”, the same could be said about Black Americans. It has to do with the marketing of the Dem party and repeated lies. Lies such as “the Republicans are theocrats” and “Republican Party was full of anti-Semitism” are floated without challenge all the time. Also having a near complete backing of MSM doesn’t hurt.

  6. I think it was a calculated effort by DWS to get booed at a synagogue to rally the virulent anti-Semitic elements in the Democrat base. I think she needs to put on her “big boy pants” now.

  7. I find it sad that people like Wasserman Schultz and the others can sit on a dais while some moron announces that Republicans are anti-semitic or theorcrats and say nothing. They know it is not true, but they still say nothing. And how about the idea that Republicans must not be allowed to hold the presidency because the GOP opposes abortion. When did abortion become a tenet of Judaism? Abortion is a tenet of the secular lifestyle, one that dismisses the worth of each human life. What was said in that synagogue is an affront to the Jewish faith. More important, the debate about abortion has been over in the real sense for the last 39 years. Once Roe v. Wade was decided, the only way that abortion during the first trimester could be limited is by a Constitutional amendment (impossible) or having the Supreme Court overrule the prior decision (extremely unlikely). Most of the talk about abortion is simply a way to change the subject from the poor economy, lack of jobs and misery brought to all of us by president Obama and the Obamacrats.

  8. It is about time the Jews woke up, Obama has proven time and again that he has no love or respect for the state of Israel. He grew up in an Islamic country and it is obvious where his sympathies lie.

  9. Bravo. You have it right. I am an activist Jew who is working to defeat Obama,people like Nancy Pelosi and Debbie WS who lie as though lying came through in their mother’s milk. This is a total disconnect from Jewish tradition and our value system.

  10. Amen. Please someone tell me what exactly has the Democrat party done in the last 50 years to earn the votes of the vast majority of Jews, and to get them to nod their heads and agree with it like a bunch of zombies. Some putz in the 17th District makes an unsubstantiated claim that the Republican party is full of anti-semites. Ask him to name them. You make that kind of statement, then back it up with facts. Meanwhile President Obama sat in anti-semite Reverend Wright’s church for more than twenty years. But that’s nothing. Wright’s association with known anti-semite Charles Barron doesn’t raise an eyebrow or two? There is a long list of Democrat anti-semites. All one has to do is look.
    Seriously, is this really about abortion? Jews have become so shallow they are going to argue that defending an unborn is a bad thing? Orthodox Jews don’t think so. And disagreeing about abortion is reason enough to vote for the most anti-capitalist, anti-Israel president since Roosevelt? As a former northerner, and now a southern Jew, this blind following sickens me. Wake up and open your eyes. Most of you, despite what the president says, have the capability to do that without the help of the federal government. I urge you to read some books by former liberal Jews like Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and David Horowitz. I assure you they aren’t anti-semites. Or you can blindly follow your Democrat, loud mouth, non-thinking friends like Anthony Weiner, Chuck Schumer and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who really don’t give a hoot about you. All they care about is power and their own political advancement.

  11. As an orthodox Jew, I am extremely saddened how far removed from tradition reform Jews have become,that the selling point of the dems is one of pro abortion.I for one will never vote for someone so diametrically opposed to basic Jewish values.

  12. I used to feel abortion was fine when I was young and hedonistic. Since I’ve had children of my own and realize the sanctity of life, I am against it unless it is a medical necessity for the health of the mother. Woman are put in jail and made pariahs if they kill the baby after birth but are heroes if the child is killed in the womb. Unborn babies are an endangered specie in our communities and should be protected as much as an endangered animal for God’s sake!!! I have never understood why
    any Jewish person, especially, would be for abortion after loosing so many family members in the holocaust. To be politically incorrect, it is a holocaust that never ends for all of us not just Jewish people. It is taking one life at a time quickly over decades, rather than the slow, tormenting death of a large group over a few years. I’ve been pondering this for years. Does anyone have an answer?

  13. Obama is the most anti-Israeli president ever and yet Jewish voters continue to support him. Don’t get it.

  14. My paternal great grandfather was a Jew who married as a widower a Catholic woman. I am a Catholic convert, and I left a Catholic worship place because I found that liberal Catholics dislike the Jews in Israel, and support the Palestinians. My friends, who are mainly conservative Catholics, support Israel strongly, and believe that Christianity could not be without the Jews. The Christian Bible is after all the Jewish Old Testament and the New Testament after Christ born a Jew, and his coming was prophesied in the Old Testament. We are all one – Judeo-Christians who love our God and love innocent life. We must protect this life – Jews and Christian alike.

  15. I don’t have an answer, but I believe abortion should be looked upon as murder. The pity is we are nearly helpless to do anything about it.

  16. Poor gal. She’s such a nice bitch, too.

    The same Jews who like Obama would have LOVED Hitler!

  17. I can’t tell you how much hope you all give me. That anyone could be taken in by the Democrats or face Debbie Wasserman Schultz with a straight face is beyond me. These people are no friends of Israel, and openly support opposition to Israel, then come before you and spout this nonsense and expect you to open your hearts (and checkbooks). Need I remind you of “Dreams of My Father” “…when times turn dark I will stand with my Muslim brothers…” Bless you all, and keep up the fight.

  18. How any God fearing Jew could support Obongo OR the slavedriving democrackkk*
    party is beyond comprehension.

    *spelled with 3 Ks to honor their heritage as Founders of the KuKluxKlan!

  19. Too bad that Rush Limbaugh missed this post. He would have enjoyed giving the needle to Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

  20. Time to start think for yourselves people is Hebrew / Israeli heritage and faith………..

    Call into question the representations of our brother who is an intellectual and ethical noshech kariot and the sister who is a kur’va for the ersatz friend of American Jews and of Israel…Barack Obama.

    Obama sold out long time US ally Mubarak to curry favor with the Muslim Brotherhood……..the same with non-aggressive albethey neutral-to-adversarial leaders of Tunisia and Libya.

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Schmuck Schumer, Dick Blumenthal et al, unlike unabashedly pro-Israel Joe Lieberman, are Jews in name only.

    Israel NOT invited to the NATO summit on terrorism?

    Only under this President……..ersatz friend and loyal supporter of Israel.

    A vote for Obama in November is a vote for increased peril for Israel and the United States.

    Remember……the words, “Work Shall Set You Free” were and are meaningless………the actions were and are everything.

  21. God bless you Jaime. I cannot understand how any minority can accept the Democrats as being a friend. This election should not be close, but it appears that it will be. I am a retired Teaparty Baptist and I love the USA. The older I get the more I realize what a wonderful place America is, and our current ruler does not share those feelings.

  22. Thank you for your remarks. My wife and I are Christians who consider ourselves Jewish by adoption. We find the Jewish faith, customs, holidays, and traditions beautiful and are teaching them to our children. Vehement supporters of Isreal, we are dismayed by the blind following of liberal politics by American Jews…especially the support of our current administration. Anti-semitism is alive and well within the mainstream media, the Democratic Party, and even our computers…am I the only one who finds it odd that “Islam”, “Iraq”, “Iran”, “Palestine”, “Saudi”, and “Arab” all pass the auto-spellcheck, but “Isreal” does not. I’m rambling now…just wanted to say thank you for your thoughtful, honest, and true comments. I wholeheartedly agree with you and pray for Isreal and God’s Chosen People.

  23. obama, wasserman, and any other person who supports obama is anti Semitic and an enemy of Israel and freedom. obama and hillary are in bed with the muslim brotherhood. Israel and the USA are not safe while democrats and obama are in power.

  24. Thank G-d for you all- I live in the land of left wing lemmings – the San Francisco Bay Area. Obama has been I believe the worst president for Israel- and of course all those cover organizations – New Israel Fund, Jewish Voice for Peace, etc. give him great cover, all get great support from Bay Area Jewish Dems. Sorry. Are we self loathing Jews out here, I hope not but many simply don’t support Israel in the way I would like and believe If Israel is to exist it should do so within the 1948 borders- yes give up Jerusalem. Incredible. These are knowledgeable, very bright people in every other facet of their life- except for Judaism/Zionism; they are assimilationists. I am so proud that Jews have stood up to Debbie Wasserman, who I have heard many times as a blowhard spokesperson on TV, shilling for Obama (It is her job.) I fear that there are no rebuttals to her- Romney’s shills have said she owns foreign stocks- yeah about $15,000 worth piddle. She says she’s proud of the fact that Obama has created 80,000 jobs and I hear no rebuttal from Romney that that means we are losing ground, that 30k of those jobs are not temporary. I am just sop proud of the state where I was born standing up to the strong arm tactics of , the Hope & Change president and his shills.

    Thank you for recognizing that this Potus might be the worst for Israel- maybe even worse than Carter, and lead to a real destabilization of the region. He has accomplished nothing in Iran, the “palestinians”, Syria, Egypt. Potus has run ass backwards on energy independence.

    Please Romney be your best, do all you can to win the election.

  25. The worst anti-semite is a Jewish anti-semite. As far as I am concerned, not only is Deborah Wasserman-Schultz in that category, but so is George Soros, Justice Ginsberg, and Karl Marx (who wrote treatises on the subject!)

  26. The problem with ideologues like Debbie is that after they make up lies about their adversaries, and false positive claims about their ‘comrades,’ they begin to believe them. Anybody who thinks it’s a good idea for Israel to shrink to a smaller size in any direction is a person who is ready for a world without Jews.

  27. This may go over like a ton of bricks but if history serves, Debbie What’s her Shultz and the rest will be the ones that pick who goes on which train, which goes to which trench. Harsh yes but I’m not a huge fan of this kind of ‘human’. We’ve had enough in the past Century we don’t need them in this one. We, as Jews and Christians have a bigger FIGHT (Islam) coming so we MUST decisively win this one and destroy the Liberals/Marxists once and for all.

    On a slightly different note, I think there are more Conservatives in the SF Bay Area than we think. We shall overcome with Gods help.

  28. Did anyone hold up a “LIAR” sign? Would have been so apropos for this collection of snake oil saleswomyn/men.

  29. Hello from Australia.
    Hitler fooled and entire nation with his lies.
    Pres Obama is still fooling an entire nation with his.
    If people tell lies often enough, somebody usually the uniformed and the poor will believe them.
    America the World needs you to be strong economically and military, expel this government whose whole purpose seems to be to destroy America, stand up and be counted.

  30. I am not going to get involved in the disucssion as to whether or not Jews should support Obama or not. The one thing I will say is it seems to me that the lemmings are the Jews who support Israel no matter what. Israel has been exploiting the U.S. and taking our money for almost 65 years and provides nothing in return. As a Jew who does not support Israel, I don’t feel that either party represents my– or this country’s– interests. If my fellow American Jews care more about Israel than the US, perhaps they should consider making aliya.

  31. I was raised Catholic and taught to respect everyone’s religious choice and beliefs. I was also taught that Jesus, my religion’s Son of God, was a Jew. Our Great Nation has been an ally of Israel for many years. Though we turned our backs on the European Jews at the beginning of the Nazi era when we could have stopped the Holocaust, we did finally wake up. Now, after many decades of working to bring a sustained peace to Israel, we get this buffoon in the White House who wants to turn back the clock to 1967, a time even before blacks had cemented many of the rights they share and strip away the hard work, sacrifices, compromises and diplomatic negotiations of men and women with far superior knowledge and intelligence than he will ever have. Worse yet, he bows and panders to those who profess to be the enemy of the State of Israel and vow to see it wiped from the face of the Earth. Anyone of the Hebrew faith who could in any way continue to support the Obama camp or his supporters is supporting the demise of their own religion, faith and legacy.

  32. My brother-in-law keeps assuring me that when Jews enter the voting both in November and the curtain is closed there is going to be a resounding rejection of Obama and his Party. For the sake of both the U.S.and Israel, I hope he’s right.

  33. You are certainly no ‘fellow’ anything to me, and truth be told I doubt your story. But genetics aside what you are is unmistakeable- an anti-Semite troll.

  34. As a Jewish war veteran and family man, I am appalled that any Jew would support the Democrat Party. This is a party with no redeeming social or family values that believes in killing babies, for any reason what so ever, in vitro and outside of the womb, when in vitro fails.
    When governments gain complete control of our lives, none of the rights guaranteed to it’s citizens remain intact. I could go on, but watching this video will show what we are up against with the Democrats:
    http://youtu.be/y3qkf3bajd4 Disturbing. Try from 1:07:40, then go to the beginning for history.

  35. You are certainly no ‘fellow’ anything to me, and truth be told I doubt your story. But genetics aside what you are is unmistakeable- an anti-Semite troll.

  36. The reason “Isreal” does not pass auto-spellcheck is because you are misspelling it. “Israel” is the correct spelling. Yes, in American English we do pronounce it closer to your spelling. Nonetheless, it’s “Israel”.

  37. What people forget is that American Jews don’t care about Israel any more. It means nothing to them…they are good socialists and liberals first. They’re “Passover Jews”, hitting temple one day of the year, other than that they’re liberal first, leftists second and Jewish last of all.

  38. “We have traditions for everything.” Including voting against our own interests. Tradition! How about a new tradition–starting this year?

  39. You’re as Jewish as Obama……….not at all.

    American Jews who support Israel are lemmings……really?

    Don’t want to get involved in the discussion about whether American Jews should or shouldn’t be voting for Obama…….that’s what this article is all about.

    You’re effectively saving that American support for Israel is Un-American? That choosing a candidate that supports Israel an American Jew is turning his or her back on what’s best for America?

    Given your convoluted logic……Obama has been, is and will be good for America in the future?

    Interesting gambit

    Paid Obama apologist eh? Is it still $100 per post in cash from the DNC?

  40. Elizabeth, very well said. I previously lived in the Baltimore area, but have moved to south Florida, and I too have seen AND heard the rabid rantings of that vile, pathologically-lying DWS. It’s an excellent indication of where the Democratic Party is today, if they appointed her as their Party Chairperson.

    It’s nice to read that other Jews are not beholden to a political party that treats them as useful idiots. Unfortunately, there are far too many Jews that are still in that zombie-like trance when they vote.

    I don’t expect any dramatic changes in the Jewish community voting trends this November, but I think Obama and his administration’s actions against America and Israel may be a wakeup call long overdue.

  41. Elizabeth, very well said. I previously lived in the Baltimore area, but have moved to south Florida, and I too have seen AND heard the rabid rantings of that vile, pathologically-lying DWS. It’s an excellent indication of where the Democratic Party is today, if they appointed her as their Party Chairperson.

    It’s nice to read that other Jews are not beholden to a political party that treats them as useful idiots. Unfortunately, there are far too many Jews that are still in that zombie-like trance when they vote.

    I don’t expect any dramatic changes in the Jewish community voting trends this November, but I think Obama and his administration’s actions against America and Israel may be a wakeup call long overdue.

  42. I said the same thing as an actor on facebook and my fellow lefty performers went into a hysteria. They do not respect history this is not about any thing but a tyrant who supports the Muslim brotherhood please wake up!!

  43. Daylin Leach is denying the comments attributed to him about Republicans being anti semites…Does anyone have a recording?

  44. “Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward”. Psalm 127:3

    My fellow American Jews, you have to decide if you will follow the laws of our God and align yourself with those who follow His teachings, like King David, or you will follow evil men and mere mortals like Daylin Leach or Obama who are for abortion, something strongly against the laws of God. Leach and Obama will suffer judgement. Will you because you followed them? Will it take another Golden Calf before we see the light and are forced to chose again? Obama is no friend of Jews and Israel, or even Christians; he is a friend of Islam. His books have and his actions have said so. He will NOT support Israel when she is in need. Obama is not even a friend of America, how can he then be a friend of Israel? Remember, we answer to a higher authority, and when man’s laws contradict that, it is necessary to remove yourself as followers of men.

  45. Friends,

    Recently, I had a brief E-mail conversation with several J-GOP board members regarding the question of “why Jews hate guns”. Having watched the You tube video – “Obama’s campaign treats Jews like criminals at a Synagogue” I decided that the point which I made in this conversation, applies with an equal strength to a wider issue – “why Jews support Obama”. Many on the political Right are asking themselves this question in light of Obama Administration’s constant attacks on Israel – which is nothing more then expression of anti-Semitism by Obama himself, his Administration and political Left in general – including the Left wing Jews (i.e. self hating Jews). Many people have given complex explanations to this strange phenomenon; however, I personally prefer something known as the Occam’s razor – the idea that is the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. So here it is – my father once observed that masses of people often behave in the manner that is similar to that of the animals in the herd – sheep, for example. If you manage to control the leaders of the herd (by giving them money, prestigious jobs, Ivy League college admission for their kids, etc.), the rest of the herd would almost always follow these leaders anywhere. They would follow them even over the cliff, if necessary (ex. Germans followed Hitler until may of 1945, despite the fact that it was obvious as early as 1944 how the World War II is going to end or take New Yorkers, who know – or should know – that the rent control is turning huge areas of their city into abandoned ruins that resemble Berlin of 1945).
    Going back to my original point, the Democrats are excellent at buying the leadership of various, relatively small, communities at the expense of the suburban middle class and persuading them to work to the determent of the members of these communities and the United States in general. Opposing the gun ownership is just one issue in the greater picture of loyalty that the Democrat Party overlords demand from these vassal groups.

    Please watch this video and share it with as many of your friends as possible. Let us pray that after watching this video, Jews will finally refuse to remain the vassals of the Democrat party overloads.

    Gregory Golyansky, President,
    Colorado Jewish Republicans.

  46. I really boggles the mind when it is so obvious Obama is not friendly with Israel(just remember many times what he had done to Benjamin Netanyahu, still the Jews in America still have blinded loyalty to him. I guess it’s not being a Jew is important to them but the ideology tops the most.

  47. Amen, brother. I am a Christian and I love Jews because My Lord was a Jew. Ys, Obama is sympathetic to Muslims because he grew up in an Islamic upbringing.

  48. Scott – thanks for standing with us! We certainly need all the friends we can get in these difficult times. And just remember Israel IS the REAL thing
    ! Psa. 121:4 Behold, He who keeps Israel
    Shall neither slumber nor sleep.

  49. “Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward”. Psalm 127:3

    My fellow American Jews, you have to decide if you will follow the laws of our God and align yourself with those who follow His teachings, like King David, or you will follow evil men and mere mortals like Daylin Leach or Obama who are for abortion, something strongly against the laws of God. Leach and Obama will suffer judgement. Will you because you followed them? Will it take another Golden Calf before we see the light and are forced to chose again? Obama is no friend of Jews and Israel, or even Christians; he is a friend of Islam. His books have and his actions have said so. He will NOT support Israel when she is in need. Obama is not even a friend of America, how can he then be a friend of Israel? Remember, we answer to a higher authority, and when man’s laws contradict that, it is necessary to remove yourself as followers of men.

  50. Interesting article. Don’t sell Jewish people short. They’re not stupid, just loyal. They love the Democrats because that party has, however incompetently, stood against anti-Semitic bigotry, at least outside the South.

    But things have changed now. The Democrats have changed, and no longer are loyal to the Jew. When the results

    are in, I think you’ll find that many people, Jewish and otherwise, have been spending time in deep thought, asking themselves, “Do I really want four more years of this?”

    The tide is turning. It is turning slowly, but it is turning. Mitt Romney is far from the perfect candidate, but consider the alternative.

  51. I have always thought that the Jewish race was so smart, strong and independent, but the last election has led me and many others to now know and believe that they are like sheep. Following along blindly, obviously not that smart, not that independent and able to be brainwashed, even after all that they have been through. Very, very sad now that they are like this. For any Jewish person to vote for Obama is hypocrisy and they will not be respected at all for their vote. Looked down on and that is very sad.

  52. What a JOKE Republicans are the biggest supporters of Isreal and would go to their defense in a heartbeat. Apparently Debbie the Liar is in denial about Owebama snubbing Netanyahu. The TRULY anti-religious are the Dems.

  53. I am a Jewish woman, I belong to a Chabad House in MA. I cannot believe what is happening to our country under this President and his Administration. There has never been a President that has shunned Israel and its leaders more than this one. We have a Constitution, freedoms as Americans, the most wonderful country the world has ever known. We are watching as this President is going against everything that we have loved for 236 years, circumventing Congress with his many Executive Orders in order to push through his socialist agenda. Spending our tax dollars at an unheard of pace on Solyndra and other failed solar enterprises,the Fast and Furious debacle, his refusal to cut the frantic spending of his Administration. What will our children and grandchildren have? All of us always believed that we would have the country that we grew up in to leave for our children. I am very worried for all of us. I am doing all that I can for Scott Brown, Mitt Romney and other Republican candidates so that we can bring our precious country back on the right track. This President has said that he will “fundamentally transform” America. We love America and our freedoms and want it to continue for always. November 6th is the most important election of our lifetime. We must replace this corrupt and dangerous Administration with good Americans that will bring our values and our way of life back. We need an Administration that will be tough on our enemies, the countries that vow to destroy us, and be a true friend to our allies. This Administration does the opposite. We need a President that loves and respects our country and our flag, this President does neither. G-d bless us and G-d bless America.

  54. There are so many Protestants (I am Baptist) who stand with Israel. We believe Israel is God’s chosen people and will stand with her. Barack Obama is a muslim who favors the Palestinians. I also am at a loss as to why so many Jewish people support him. Debbie Wassmerman-Schultlz, in my opinion, stands only for and with herself and the current White House administration. Obama must go in November. Hopefully, those members of the Jewish faith who are independent thinkers will see this for themselves.

  55. Leach rambled so much I’m not sure he even knew what he was saying.

    Leach said that he knows anti-semitism was widespread because people tell him in confidence anti-semitic things because his name does not sound Jewish so Jews must vote Democrat to keep the Republicans out because they want school prayer.

    He made the blatant implication that those who vote Republican and are elected as Republicans and like Antonin Scalia secretly hate Jews, and want to marginalize Jews and strip them of their civil rights.

    It was offensive and demeaning and chilling to discourse.

    His only excuse is that he was rambling to fill time and not thinking about what he was saying.

    Hopefully, there is a video of the event although if it is in the control of the Democratic Party supporters don’t expect to ever see it.

    BTW, what the vast majority of Republican voters would love is to give every Jew a gun and stop the abortions of Jewish babies albeit one would note that stopping abortion would save far more black babies than Jewish ones.

    And yes most Republican voters would like to return our cultural and legal norms to one based on Judeo-Christian values i.e. one in that recognizes the existence and supremacy of God, who grants us our unalienable rights and that we should “love our neighbor as ourselves” as Rabbi Sussman noted.

  56. If I don’t like someone, it’s not because they’re jewish, black, hispanic, homo, etc, it’s because they’re a delusional, lying asshole. Like Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

  57. My Lord IS a Jew! Jesus never converted to follow Himself…

    “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” – Genesis 12:3

    -Tom Jordan – Conservative, Catholic, Zionist living in Soviet Maryland… how precious is that?

  58. Since I was a kid in the Bronx all of the Jewish population voted Democrat especially their hero Roosevelt a friend of anti semite Joe Kennedy,did not want to hear turned back the boat from Europe that had 600 Jews slaughtered Now they are still voting Democrat even though Donald Duck and Goofy may lead the ticket/ The Democrats say “we own the Jews, Latino and Black votes” Since when are we being packaged into this one group?? I thought slavery was abolished and you cant own another human being.. I guess the Democrats feel so entrenched with the Jews that they do feel like they owned them Remember the Pharaoh and Egypt He too felt like he owned them Remember what happened?? Will history now repeat itself Now that all thought minding Jews know that Obama loves Islam and hates Israel (Notice the yellow curtain with those weird letters on them in back of him instead of the American Flag, why? Just may be a coincidence but Yellow is one of the standard bearer colors of Islam) Remember Jews say “NEVER AGAIN” If you do then remember this my fellow Jews November is election day. Another day of reckoning and repeat what happened by another tyrant in Egypt History has a way of repeating itself

  59. Many of us do exercise our Second Amendment rights. But if any generous Republicans are feeling extra generous today I’m always in the market for a nice 1911 to add to my collection. Cheers.

  60. Not THAT’S what I’m talking about! Great retort to Leach’s divisive comments from Gehret. I noticed on Twitter Leach is calling Bill Lawrence a liar for this story. Leach is so full of it.

  61. Finally some pushback about the WH’s terrible support for Israel. Having been an ardent supporter for Israel I cannot understand the reluctance of the Jewish population to accept that the President has no love for them. Is the only thing that matters the right to have an abortion? I firmly believe that the Jewish people are better then that.

  62. Genesis 12:2,3; I will make you a great nation: I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

    This is the word of the creator of this planet, so don’t be upset with his messenger… go to Him (Yahweh Elohim) with your complaints, just do not murmur for you KNOW what happened to those that murmured!!

  63. This lady’s comments are right on the money. “Will not discuss it.” Such
    has been the response of many a so-called “intellectual” I have encountered whenever they are backed into the corner with facts and logic. Further it is mind-boggling that Jews who support Obama can successfully close their minds off to the fact that Obama has been disgracefully anti-Israel and especially its leader, ever since he entered office. This is the triumph of liberal bias over ability to think clearly and to acknowledge truth.

  64. I’m not Jewish but I am a huge supporter of Israel and the Jewish people. I am at a complete lack of understanding why Jewish people are Democrats and worse they support Obama. He is not a friend of Israel or the Jewish people. What’s wrong with you Jewish people? Have you completely lost all common sense??? Wake Up….Obama is destroying the U.S. and will take Israel down with us…!!!

  65. I agree with all of these comments. I am a Republican and a staunch supporter of Israel. As an Army brat I grew up to accept all folks. On June 10, 1967 I was flying to Germany on Army duty and was told I might have to go to defend Israel. Wasn’t necessary but I was ready. I do not know any anti-semitic Republicans. I think some of Obama’s types are the most bigoted, anti-semitic, racists in America.

  66. I am a Christian. As one, I have no animosity toward Jews. Yeshua and his mother were Jews. I contribute financially to the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, especially for the poor Jews from Russia
    (whose government I detest). Obama has done little for the Jews in Israel–many words, no effective actions. His Muslim roots as a young boy have had a permanent effect on his attitude toward Jews, and even Christains. His so-called sincere conversion to Christianity is now doubted by his former pastor in Chicago. There is good reason to say that it was probably political to gain support from the highly Christian black community in Chicago. Currently, he and his wife have no affiliation with any Christian Church. His daughters do not attend any church. Actions speak louder than words. I hope every Jew in the USA Sees him for what he truly is: a Muslim lover with no genuine concern for Jews or Israel. If any of the Jews vote for him, then they had better not complain if something goes bad for the Jewish people in Israel or elsewhere. I fear what Iran has planned against Israel. Obama has done nothing effective for the inhabitants of Israel. Obama wants Jewish money, but cares little for the Jewish people. Long-live the Chosen Race!! Keep the Muslims in check. Don’t support Obama.

  67. I totally agree. I was ready to go to their defense on June 10, 1967 when I landed that day in Germany and was told I might need to go to Israel.

  68. I am Catholic and my husband and I love Israel and its people. We know how important Israel is to the world. We stand now and forever with the Jewish people/Israel. Those Jewish people who support Obama must, they simply must see the truth!!!! He is no friend of Israel!!! Why do you think he has never visited Israel BUT visited the Saudi king; Turkey, etc,. PLEASE, CONTINUE TO TRY AND MAKE YOUR JEWISH FRIENDS, FAMILY, ETC. SEE REALITY, GOD BLESS YOU AND OUR JEWISH BRETHREN.

  69. I just sent Daylin Leach (who happens to be my elected State Senator) a scathing email taking a personal offense to such a comment. If you are one of my neighbors and agree with this, follow up with an email to Daylin voicing your displeasure of such a comment that the GOP is mostly anti-semites. That idiot Schultz is so friggin’ stupid. She just an empty drum banging out the Lock Step message of the dems. God help us if obama wins.

  70. It is not just the Jewish community who are political drones. I am mystified by what I see, how anyone can vote for this man that lies daily, that is set on destroying our country, who hides who he really is. It is scary in itself, but even scarier to see the masses in America idolize this man…it is like a made for TV movie, but sadly it is real. I am terribly saddened that our country is this stupid.

  71. Yeah, coming from my State Senator. I am pissed off he would say such a thing and have already sent him an email voicing my displeasure of being labled an anti-semite because I’m affiliated with the Republican party.

  72. Abortion is legal through all 9 months.
    Why do so many Jews kill their own? Surely they can’t think that it’s the will of God.

  73. Blossom, Thank you for your eloquent comment! I am not religious in any sense of the word, however I can’t believe any Jewish person could vote for a person who hates Jews! These must be some of the stupidest people on the planet. By the way this also go’s for Christians.

  74. Love the blog. I am a Christian who admires and supports Israel and the Jewish people. I’m glad to see more and more are beginning to see the truth about the liberal democrats and Obama.

  75. You are right!! I am a jew too and cannot understand why after the Hitler’s
    Germany experience, a large part from the American jewish community are still playing to the “SLEEPING BEAUTY”.
    I just pray and hope that they do not wait until ADMAJINEHAD kiss and wake them up!!

  76. How can Jews of any sect support an administration that has repeatedly shown blatant disrespect for visiting Israeli leaders, promoted/vetted Palestinian terror groups, invited radical Islamic leaders openly hostile to Israel and all Jews, and, above all referred to Jerusalem repeatedly, and as if there were no other name for it, as Al-Quds? The dual names do not exist in this administration. Compromise is all directed to the Israeli side, as “reaching across the aisle” means giving in. Do reformed Jews really believe that supporting Palestinian “freedom” or “concessions” will save them from the butcher’s knife, any more than a Christian? Do American Jews really believe that compromise will bring about peaceful coexistence? Total submission to Islam is the only answer for the infidels. Allah does not care if you are Reformed, Orthodox, Sephardi, et.al. You all will submit, convert, or die. Have you forgot Daniel Pearl, and Nick Berg? How about the other infidels (Americans of Christian or no faith) slaughtered before the cameras? There is no Jewish homeland; you are all squatters. Yes, even the UN that gave the mandate is more than ready to withdraw that same mandate. Wake up, Israel and all its descendants. The Democrat Party does not want you. It wants your money to install the machinery to destroy you and your faith. I am a Christian whose daughter married the son of a Holocaust survivor. We have two grandchildren, that would be considered Jewish by Muslims, by virtue of blood. They will not have my grandchildren. I shall die first. It is time to stand again unified as before the gates of Vienna in 1683 and repel this pestilence once and for all.

  77. Thank you Bette S; You are obviously an intelligent and perceptive person. You have sized up the liberal Jewish lemmings accurately. It’s a shame there are not more astute Jews like you. Ours would be a much better country, not only for the Jews.

  78. I completely agree with all of your statements! I’m desperately concerned about our great country & what this socialist president & his cronies are doing! This is indeed the most important election in our lifetime! We must all work to make sure Obama’s NOT re-elected! For the life of me, I cannot understand why Jews support Obama! He has demonstrated time & again he’s NO FRIEND to Israel! He has thrown Netanyahu under the bus repeatedly! I’m so tired of being lied to daily by the mainstream press and the regime, especially Obama, Holder & DWS! Please talk to everyone you know to make sure they vote Nov. 6th for a new president….one who loves the U.S.

  79. Obama is doing the exact things that Hitler did and he stands with Muslims, because he is a muslim that hates Jews, Americans, and anyone else that gets in his way. The Jewish people must not be fooled by this evil man and his henchmen. Wasserman and his cronies are traitors to Israel. George Soros who is a jew helped Hitler kill his own people and speaks of it with pleasure and states that it was the happiest time of his life! There are traitors in all faiths and we must cast them out and let the people know thier names. We must stand and defend Israel.

  80. You have such well mannered, intelligent people replying to your postings!I simply could not read all of these, as I was looking for word on why there was no video of dws’ part of the evening.

    Were no news organizations allowed inside? Did no one pull out the old iPhone and document this watershed event for those of us who could not make it that night?

    I’ll grant you, the whipped puppy look on her face in the still shot with the congresswoman is almost perfect, but still, I would like to have seen the humiliation and confusion playing across that homely visage for myself.

  81. As a Christian, I have found the comments/insights encouraging and hopeful. I have often wondered why so many Jews blindly follow a liberal perspective, when it is a fact that conservatives are the largest supporters of Israel. Anyone with any biblical understanding is well aware of God’s love for His chosen people, which was and still is, Israel. There is so much deception flying. I attended the same Non-Denominational Christian Church for 16 years. Our former pastor is now one of Obama’s spiritual advisers, and is involved with Jesus At The Checkpoint, which is a group of Palestinian sympathizers! Unbelievable! This is someone who knows the scriptures inside and out. Get prayed up folks, its going to get rough!

  82. ..You are so right…just like they said about Mitt Romney at the NAACP!! No one except FOX reported that he got a standing ovation at the end of his speach there..They sure reoprted the boo’s though.. If only our words here would play in the mainstream media..but anything against this President is never reported by them..Heal us and this nation O Lord..

  83. You have such well mannered, intelligent people replying to your postings!I simply could not read all of these, as I was looking for word on why there was no video of dws’ part of the evening.

    Were no news organizations allowed inside? Did no one pull out the old iPhone and document this watershed event for those of us who could not make it that night?

    I’ll grant you, the whipped puppy look on her face in the still shot with the congresswoman is almost perfect, but still, I would like to have seen the humiliation and confusion playing across that homely visage for myself.

  84. Couldn’t agree more with you, Blossom. You presented some great points, well done! Thank you.

  85. Alan – You are amazing, and I am proud of you taking a stand! No doubt the ultra-liberal art community would pummel you for those points of view! Many want to remain in the dark because it is easier to FEEL a certain way, rather than to become educated on national and world events, and actually deal with FACTS! Keep up the good work man! Don’t you find it fascinating that the only opinion really permissible now is a liberal opinion? So much for open mindedness!

  86. Johnny – It is clear that you have no spiritual understanding, which is why you have no affection for Israel.

  87. I am not Jewish, but I am a strong supporter of Israel and I have watched how Obama treats them. Obama hates all of us, make no mistake about that. He wants to destroy America and Israel. Now he is bringing the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House. No other American president would have done this. The Jews and Catholics wholeheartedly supported Obama in 2008, but look what he has done to the Catholics pushing abortion and contraceptives so that the Catholic Church is suing him in court. If all the groups who have been sucked in by the Democrats vote against him, it will be a landslide for Romney. Obama cares for one person only, himself. He will throw anyone under the bus if it benefits him. In 2010, he threw the House Democrats under the bus and many of them lost their jobs. He has one goal and that is to destroy America. Many people that I know, who voted for him in 2008, will not be voting for him in 2012 and this includes Democrats. The Jews should stop being lemmings. Obama is no friend of Israel or the Jews. Mitt Romney may be a Mormon, but they are good people. He is a true American and will be going to Israel shortly. Obama has done nothing to bring this country back economically. We are so far in debt due to him that we may never get out. That is part of the Saul Alinsky edict: Load up the debt and divide the country. Obama is doing that. A vote for Obama in November is a vote for the destruction of the USA and Israel.

  88. The comments regarding the hypocrisy of the democrat party are all correct. However, I wonder why the group has labeled itself “Jewish Americans”? Aren’t we Americans first, whose religion is Jewish? This is the wrong type of labling, and suggests that Jews who are conservatives are less than American, and has other negative connotations as well.

  89. It’s good to know DebWSchultz’s acid lies are not supported by ALL the Jewish population. The Republicans DO support Israel and fear Obama will NOT support Israel in helping rid Iran of the nuclear bomb it is building.

  90. It is indeed a sad state of affairs when many Jews think it is more important that their son can marry another man or their daughter another woman or abortion rights (which is now the law of the land) than the survival of Israel.

  91. I am Catholic and as a part of a religion where 65% of Catholics voted for this train wreck in the White House, it amazes me that anyone who is an ardent Christian and a child of God would vote for someone that believes in murdering babies. First of all, why would an intelligent, hard working group of people such as the Jews vote for anyone that believes in the annihilation of three generations of Americans? Why would you support someone that could care less about your people in Isreal, he has abandoned them and refuses to keep America’s promise as an ally to Isreal. Obama doesn’t care about Americans either, he is a traitor to everything our country stands for and he has no regard for the law of the land, otherwise known as the Constitution. He does not respect people’s rights to religious freedoms. I was under the impression that Jewish people believe in tradition and honoring their elders. Obama could care less about anyone’s traditions especially the Jewish people and as his policies show in Obamacare, there will be no money left to take care of the elderly. I pray as a God loving Christian, that the Father will continue to help Jewish people realize, as so many others have, that Obama is not the answer, he is instead a fool that is arrogant and uncaring of how he treats this country’s people including the Jews, he has no respect for America’s freedoms and he would quickly sell us to the highest bidder. He is not to be trusted, he must be defeated in November.

  92. Well said! Why can’t my people see the truth? Obama is a Muslim and no friend of Israel.

  93. I am a conservative and a Christain. I have long been a supporter of Israel and the Jewish people as are most of the conservatives and Christains I know. I have also long been frustrated by the propensity of the Jewish people to walk in lock step with the liberals and the democratic party. There seems to be a disconnect there that I just don’t understand and wish someone would explain to me. It seems to me that without strong support of conservatives, the Jewish people and Israel would have been thrown under the bus by the liberals a long time ago. I believe we’ve seen ample evidence of this from the current regime. If I’m missing something here, please enlighten me as I just don’t get it.

  94. I am a catholic , who recently found out I had Polish Jew relatives who escaped German troops in WW1 to come to America. I always thought of Israel as a friend and allie. The comming years will be very hard fought yrs with Iran. You don’t need a prophecy to see this. We cannot count on the communist in the White House to stand with Israel or even defend our own nation. His past writings in his books defend and support radicalism both in the middle east and here in America. A lot of Americans have bought into his agenda because of party loyalties and now today the Democratic party is the new radical socialist party in the US. Jews now more than ever need to recognize this . This man Obama is not for Israel or Christianity. He will say whatever he needs to say in order to get his way and fill his need for power. I IMPLORE Both Jews and Christians to recognize this. I firmly believe Obama does not have this country’s best intrest at heart, only his agenda matters

  95. I am a Christan Jew. My Grand mother was a German Jew. I am proud of my heritage. I stand with Israel. I am also truly amazed that any Jew can support Obama. It saddens me to watch a covert enemy of the Jewish population of he world, to see a American President who will not give total support to Israel. “Those who support Israel will be Blessed, those who condemn Israel will be cursed” old testament. For me, my entire family, we support Israel. I may be a follower of the Lord Jesus, but, the Hebrews are the chosen people of he Lord and will be protected. In the new Testament, as a Christan, I have been included, by the teachings of Jesus, into that family as a Gentile.

  96. It about time this representative from Florida, Debbie Blabbermouth Shultz, was finally put in her place. People with glass homes should not throw stones. If she was really sincere, not just loyal to the liberal party standards, just sincere in her beliefs, I’m sure she would have a different attitude towards the Republicans. A well know columnist wrote a book called “If Democrats had brains, they’d be Republicans” and I totally agree

  97. it is good to see that some of the jewish people have left the plantation, as i, a black American, have also done. I will not be voting for obama in nov, i will vote for the Stormin Mormon

  98. Hi Scott:

    Thank you for your comments, it’s nice to see so many of our Christian brothers and sisters out there that are as concerned for Israel’s future as we as Jews should be are ourselves…we all have reason for concern, believe me…especially today.

    The problem of course, is that many of America’s Liberal Jews are actually against Israel’s defensive actions towards the ‘Palestinian’ territory themselves. This is unconscionable!

    There is a war of political correctness that is being perpetrated on the American people to somehow ‘build’ up the image and history of the followers of Islam that is false, politically motivated, and centered on changing America’s otherwise pro-Israel past history and support…we must fight this everywhere we see it growing.

    I’m a Jew, and I am a proud Republican…I certainly do not find those two realities mutually exclusive by any means. I would also go so far as to say that clearly it is demonstrable that the greatest American support for the State of Israel today comes from the Republican party…and not the Democrats! In short, if you support Israel and you want to make sure she has the best chances of surviving her current situation…I’d recommend that you vote Republican from here on out!

    Now, while I feel pretty confident in saying that Ms. Schultz is an Israeli supporter personally, I believe and know in my heart equally as well…THAT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA IS NOT!

    No American President has ever treated an Israeli PM the way in which BO has with such patent disregard, sabotage, and rudeness. Please don’t tell me that you have forgotten as only one example, when BHO walked out of a meeting with Natanyahu to go to have dinner with his family rudely leaving him with State Dept. aids, and then purposely had the P.M. escorted out of the White House directly through an obscure exit where all of the White House refuse and ‘trash cans’ awaited his exit!

    On a national basis at least in the US, you will find a preponderance of Palestinian supporters do characterize themselves as liberal Democrats…Jewish or otherwise.

    And for the record, DWS is what I refer to as a hyper-left-partisan, who also happens to be Jewish, not unlike let’s say Michael Savage is from the right. Unlike Savage though, I believe that Judaism IS SECONDARY TO DWS! It may be for Savage as well, I don’t know, but clearly for DWS, she can’t even imagine herself waking up one morning…not being a Democrat first and foremost.

    My point above comes down to this, she’ll do whatever it takes to sell any Jews out there that will listen…to support the Democratic party, even when she knows in her heart, that their current leader is not only an Anti-Semite, he seeks the complete subordination of Israel’s rights…to Palestinian desires!

    Mitch Reed
    Author of:
    O.O.O. (Obsessing On Obsession…the documentary) & the Blessings of the Father saga.

  99. I am not Jewish. I believe that Obamie does not care about Israel! I believe the USA should support Israel and fight by her side against IRAN & any other country that wants it removed from the world. I personally would fight for Israels right to exist. Obamie, Wasserman-Schultz and Schwartz don’t care about the Jewish people, just about filling their pockets. Wake up people. Fire all three of them…

  100. I am Catholic. I am Republican. I am a second-generation American. I am a military veteran. I have had the pleasure and the honor of counting many Jews as friends, co-workers, fellow service members and business acquaintances over my lifetime. I treasure them and respect each of them for their character, viewpoints and faith. Every one that I currently know cannot stand Obama, either as president or as a person, because of his philosophies and his utter disdain for and utter betrayal of Israel. How there can possibly be Jews that support him for any reason is beyond their comprehension – – – and mine as well.

    Obama is NOT a Christian by any means. He is Muslim in sympathy, mind and action. Neither is he an American by upbringing, understanding of the American culture and history, or recognition of the things that have made this country great. He is a living lie perpetrated on us by the democratic party and espoused by the liberal media.

    God bless America. God bless Israel. God bless all honest, rational people who see Obama for what he really is.

    God help us to get rid of him.

  101. I am relieved that reform Jews are finally starting to see the light. Ordoxdox Jews have been against Obama from the start, not only because of his stance towards Israel, but because Orthodox Jews understand what it means when freedom of religion is challenged and when people are silenced from speaking the truth.

  102. I am relieved that reform Jews are finally starting to see the light. Ordoxdox Jews have been against Obama from the start, not only because of his stance towards Israel, but because Orthodox Jews understand what it means when freedom of religion is challenged and when people are silenced from speaking the truth.

  103. these Jews vying for obomber remind me a Kapos from the Auschwitz, selling out your fellow Jews

  104. Diana and anyone out there please, correct me if I’m wrong…speaking of lying…is it not written in the Quoran that it is okay for Muslims to lie when trying to get a point across to the unbeliever? Our so called Christain President seems to speak more like a follower of the Quoran than that of the New Testament. If his lips are moving and his eyes are reading the teleprompter…he’s lying. It’s only when the teleprompter is off that his true beliefs emerge from his lips…as in the case of Joe the Plumber and now again when he said that…I paraphrase.. if you were a successful business owner, you didn’t get there by your blood/sweat/tears or money….well, we all know that that’s a baldfaced lie…that’s how America was built. Each of our descendents came here and contributed to the building of America,
    and the taxes that were paid to the government may have paid for the equipment, but it was the sweat and blood of each and every immigrant that made this country what it is today..not the federal government. Like Henry Ford who tried and failed 15 times before he came up with the assembly line and Model T. Ford didn’t design the roads to fit the car, the roads were built because people wanted to drive the car. G-d knows that all they’ve done is squandered our hard earned tax dollars in an attempt to turn the US into 3rd world country. Thank goodness for capitalists who are willing to put their money where their mouths are and take the risks to invent and design the inventions of the past and future.

    Soon he will be giving away our soverignty to the UN..with the Treaty of the Seas, the attacks on our 2nd ammendment gun rights, and our parental rights on who knows how to best care for our disabled children. It’s not only abortion we have to worry about! We all had better get on board and call our Congressmen and Senators and tell them to vote NO or will be under the control of 3rd world country and european have nots..they’ve been waiting for this opportunity for years. The Progressives can smell our blood and will do and say anything to pull the wool over our eyes…DON’T LET THEM! WE ARE NOT SHEEPLE!!!

    By the way, look up who paid Obama’s way through college…he didn’t do it himself!

    I was brought up in small apartment in Brooklyn, NY owned by two of the kindest and lovliest Jewish folks…I am an Italian/Catholic and there was no antisemite rhetoric where I lived. I support Israel and the Israeli people and believe we must pray for Israel and the United States. It’s what G-d said we must do if our nations are to be saved. Read the Harbinger

    G-d please take care of your chosen people and America.

  105. Amazing how Obummer could be thought favorably in the Jewish community after the disrespect he showed to the Israel PM! He now has invited The Muslim Brotherhood to the White House!
    My G-d will not be as upset with Obamma as He will be with us, if “WE” return him to do more destruction to America!
    OMG! Obama Must Go!

  106. This election is not RED vs. BLUE or Liberal vs. Conservative BUT most certainly is a choice between Democracy or COMMUNISM! OMG! = Obama Must Go!

    (how could anyone demand one commit an abortion if they believe it to be MURDER?)

  107. Not too bright! I quite the Catholic sponsored Boy Scout troop because the priest in 1954 thought my best friend should join the Protestant troop down the street. I quit the troop but not the church! Never meet a Catholic that was so disturbed that he supported Palestinians over Jews! OMG! = Obama the COMMIE must be defeated!

  108. SO happy to read that so many American Jews “get it”. I’m a pro-Israel Catholic. While Obama was running for president he made many statements that he would throw Israel under the bus in a heartbeat if it was in his best interest. And he’s hired DWS to do his dirty work to lie to Jews in an effort to keep their votes. Whenever I’ve met a Jew at Tea Party rallies I’ve asked why Jews are for Obama. They don’t know how so many have been duped. I’m just so grateful to read that there are many that are informed and won’t be fooled again.

  109. I am absolutely impressed by all you wonderful people who have stridently risen up against this tyrant AND ALL his supporters in Congress and the Senate. I am thankful to ALMIGHTY GOD who came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ for performing the great miracle of opening the mind and eyes of my Jewish brothers and sisters. I am a black American citizen so I am equally thankful to God for doing the same for some of my Black brothers and sisters. I am not amazed that Blacks or Jews would vote for this President and the Democrats. I am amazed that ANY American citizen would vote for them!
    1.$787 BILLION – What did Obama and the Dems. do with nearly ONE TRILLION DOLLARS? Answer me BLACK people.
    2.BLACK unemployment rate is at it’s highest since the Carter years. And you want to vote him back into power?
    3.Have you ever seen a politician(not to mention President) like this one who lies habitually?
    4.When last has it been that POOR people are the ones who create businesses and employ other people? WE POOR PEOPLE NEED RICH PEOPLE. Obama is busy trying to kill off the rich! Jesus Christ(God) says “The poor you have with you ALWAYS.” Obama cannot cause everybody to be financially equal.
    5.Obama hates Israel and the Jews because he is a Muslim
    6.Obama hates Jesus and Christians. All Muslims do. Do you not see that Muslims murder Christians WORLDWIDE, EVERYDAY? And what do they do with the Jews?
    7.Obama hates America. That’s why he swore to “fundamentally change” our GREAT country. Obama and the Democrats, every last one of them, hate THE USA.
    8.He flies around on the EXPENSIVE Air Force 1, rides around in fancy limousines and specially built luxury buses. His wife and children have eaten up MILLIONS of dollars vacationing, while he tells us the servants to drive small cars. The nerve of him!
    9.He says he is a Christian. Hello CHRISTIANS, does the name of Jesus mean anything to you? Does the cross of Christ mean anything to you? Well, Obama instructed Georgetown University to cover up both because he was coming there to speak. He is demanding that religious entities(Catholic and Christian) among others provide birth control coverage, including abortion producing drugs for all employees. He states clearly that he supports Homosexual marriages. Not only does he verbally support the DAILY MURDER of babies, he releases millions of dollars to fund the operations.
    10.This President, instead of protecting our States, has referred our own Arizona to the UNITED NATIONS! for case adjudication!
    11.Despite our need for oil which is here in abundance, despite the price heading to $5.00 p.gal, he blocks EVERY chance for exploration in the USA. He blocked the Keystone pipeline bringing secure oil from Canada. ALL of these would create many many jobs for BLACKS and all other Americans. HE AND ALL DEMOCRATS HATE ALL OF US! They ALL vote with him. In November, vote them ALL out! LONG LIVE AMERICA! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  110. Being a member of the Tea Party I & two other Tea Party friends attended the rally on 7/16 @ Keneseth Israel & at first was dismayed at the amount of people of the Jewish faith that seemed to support Obama. I am Roman Catholic, but I do support Israel in her struggles. There were only a couple of Tea Party members there who remained silent during the speeches given by the guest speakers. Imagine our surprise when the heckling seemed to come from Jewish members in the audience. It gave us hope. We were further shocked at the behavior of one of the supporters of Obama who attacked the gentleman holding up the sign against Obama at the exit. This same character who was quite tall similarly attacked a young female Tea Party member holding a sign outside the synagogue. We observed him physically pushing this young person.
    So sad to me that seemingly intelligent people of both the Jewish faith & my own Roman Catholic faith are fooled by this President into still supporting him.

  111. I am not Jewish, but I feel a very close bond to the Jewish people. I am a staunch supporter of Israel and feel that the United States should always protect and defend her. Barack Obama is no friend of Israel. Obama is a friend to himself. He is a narcissist and for some reason attracts people who display an almost rabid-like devotion to him. This in itself is dangerous, but Obama’s policies are even more dangerous. The man is destroying this country, piece by piece. If Obama’s supporters would remove the blinders from their eyes, they would see a country that is suffering, people who can’t get jobs, an economy that is unhealthy and a national debt that is spiraling out of control. Young people like Obama because he represents someone who allows them every freedom. Nothing is off-limits, no behavior is wrong. Do what you want or do nothing at all and the government will support you. This is no way for a society to function. Our social and moral fabric is being shredded by Obama and Co. All voters, regardless of their religious beliefs need to reject Obama and his policies. We need to defeat him in November and try to start healing the wounds he has inflicted during his disasterous presidency. God bless us all.

  112. Cool. Wish you would come out of the closet and let the Left see you, hear you etc. It would have a great effect. At any rate, good for you for breaking away from the the non-thinking crowd. I have also.

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