Strolling Manayunk And Pondering Pink Punch

Strolling Manayunk And Pondering Pink Punch

By John W. Gilmore

On rainy days early Friday afternoon the streets of Manayunk are quiet. Despite the quiet, if you look around, you can see the merchants gearing up for the busy nightlife to come.  Manayunk is a section of Philadelphia 15 minutes from Center City, King of Prussia, and the Mainline running along the Schuylkill River, with a strip full of many diverse shops, restaurants, spas and recreational facilities packed into a very small space.

Strolling Manayunk And Pondering Pink Punch

One wonders how they survive.  How do all of these restaurants compete with each other?  I walk down the street looking at all of the stores, restaurants and businesses in wonder.  I like to come here in the early afternoon when fewer things are open and the streets are not crowded and one can have a choice of quiet restaurants at which to dine.  I notice that some businesses have closed, but only a few, leaving the storefront properties available right there on the main street.  It is prime commercial real estate to be taken by someone who will add their commercial interests to a place booming with business and activities in the evening hours and weekends. The Manayunk Stroll the Street program initiated this past summer to introduce visitors to Manayunk has helped make the business district even more visible.  

From Memorial Day to Labor Day every Thursday this summer one could shop, walk, and stroll through the neighborhood late into the evening.  The majority of the restaurants, bars and recreation facilities participated with free offerings.  From enjoying $6 spiked lemonades from Bourbon Blue, or Spritz Watermelon Margaritas, or Pink Punch at Craft Manayunk along with some spiced chicken skewers to Jakes Wine Bar  where you could enjoy Napa Pinot Noir or Pan Seared Figs with Gremzelax Crisp Prosciutto and Port wine reduction, you could enjoy your walk paying $6 for food and drink.  Most likely next summer the same type of adventure, due to its success, will await you.  Be prepared to stroll the streets and enjoy the nightlife.  There are always activities in this small section of Philadelphia not only in the summer and night, but all year round, (more than I can possibly list in this article) and their calendar is readily available online.

If you would like to explore some adventure off the beaten path right in your backyard and not in crowded downtown Center City, Manayunk is available for you all year round and close to many of the suburban cities.  You can find out more about this small, but popular, section of the city at Just take a look at their events, or better yet, sign up for the newsletter or the online magazine so that you will be ready, at any time, to take advantage of the adventure that awaits.   

Strolling Manayunk And Pondering Pink Punch

8chan Watkins Posobiec Interview

8chan Watkins Posobiec Interview — 8chan owner Jim Watkins, yesterday, Sept. 6, told OANN’s Jack Posobiec that his feared free speech site will soon be back and that he will continue his policy of not proactively censoring speech. It would be unAmerican to do otherwise he said.

8chan was forced off the web, Aug. 5, after the mass shootings two days earlier in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Big tech web security firm Cloudflare killed 8chan as a client after they accused it of inspiring the shootings by allowing the posting of a manifesto by El Paso killer Patrick Crusius.

Watkins has pointedly noted that Crusius had posted his screed on mainstream Instagram and that it was someone else who put it up on 8chan as others did on other boards.

Let’s note that it was Facebook that allowed the live streaming of the New Zealand mosque massacre, YouTube that allowed threats by Parkland killer Nikolas Cruz, and Twitter who let their platform be used by the Saudis to stifle dissent.

It’s the epitome of irony that 8chan is being attacked by the establishment as a “hate site”.

Watkins testified before the House Homeland Security Committee, Sept. 5, in a closed-door session. Watkins told Posobiec that he described his site, and explained that it wasn’t funded by any foreign governments. He said he never worked with a foreign intelligence agency. He noted that Russia has blocked access to 8chan.

Watkins said he cooperates with U.S. law enforcement agencies and that, in fact, Congress and the executive branch should seek input from tech companies to make it easier to do so.

Here is the interview.

OK, here’s a link to the full interview:

Forgive the nasty label they give Posobiec, a Norristown native. He is a outspoken Qanon skeptic and 8chan is the official medium of the Q movement.

8chan Watkins Posobiec Interview
Pepe, a symbol of freedom, not racial hate.
8chan Watkins Posobiec Interview

Cheap price of rhetoric William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 9-7-19

Cheap price of rhetoric William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 9-7-19

Gtj sgrz juky suxk zngt Sorzut igt zu payzole Muj’y cgey zu sgt.
G. K. Nuaysgt 

Cheap price of rhetoric William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 9-7-19 Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle: sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing ye to the Lord and bless his name: shew forth his salvation from day to day. PsalmsAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Freedom has cost too much blood and agony to be relinquished at the cheap price of rhetoric.
Thomas Sowell

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