ACLU Now Involved In Rose Tree Park Matter

ACLU Now Involved In Rose Tree Park Matter — A letter from the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania has been sent to Delaware County officials concerning the matter, July 16, in which Libertarians circulating petitions for their 7th District Congressional candidate Patrick Sellers were chased from the county-owned Rose Tree Park after their petitions were confiscated then apparently lost.

The letter from Deputy Legal Director Mary Catherine Roper is addressed to county solicitor Michael L. Maddren; Delaware County Park Police Chief Samuel S. Ziviello; and Parks Director Marc J. Manfre.

The letter notes that bans on distributing political literature or carrying political signs are unconstitutional even if the ban was neutral which in the case of Rose Tree Park it is not. ACLU Now Involved In Rose Tree Park Matter

Libertarian spokesman Dale Kerns of Ridley said the canvassers have been allowed back in the park but are not allowed to carry signs or wear t-shirts identifying their party.

He also says the confiscated signatures have still not been returned. Sellers needs 2,500 signatures from residents of the 7th District to get on the ballot. If he falls a few hundred short, a very real civil rights violation will have occurred which will not bode well for the careers of certain county officials and police people.

Here is a link to the letter: Rose Tree Park Delaware County demand letter

ACLU Now Involved In Rose Tree Park Matter


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  1. I’m sure there’s a goal in this somewhere but publicity seems to be the first order of business.

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