Al Gore-Connected Hate Church Coming To Philly

The Westboro Baptist Church which has become infamous for its unChristian, hate-based protests of military funerals and prominent people is bringing its barrel of Christmas bile to the shores of the Delaware Dec. 20.

Allegedly anyway. It claimed it would hold a protest outside Temple University in April but never showed up.

The scheduled protests are to occur outside Father Judge and Archbishop Ryan high schools, and the Jewish Community Center, at Broad and Lombard streets in Center City.

According to rantings on the cult’s website the protests outside the Catholic high schools are somehow related to the priest sex-abuse scandals.

And the one at the Jewish Community Center? Who knows?

The Phelps family, which leads and makes up most of the congregants of the Kansas-based Westboro cult, has been prominent in that state’s Democrat Party.

Fred Phelps Jr. — who is the son of the founder and a member of the cult —  hosted Al Gore
at his home for a fundraiser and was a Gore delegate to the 1988
Democratic National Convention.

Al Gore-Connected Hate Church Coming To Philly



Al Gore-Connected Hate Church Coming To Philly

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