Amazon Kills Child’s Voice

Amazon Kills Child’s Voice — A Child’s Voice is an indie supernatural thriller from 2018 directed by Edgar Michael Bravo and produced by John Paul Rice. It’s a little more intelligent than average for its genre and has much less gore and nudity than typical.

It’s not a bad movie.

Amazon Prime has carried it for months but has now made it unavailable. It’s nothing that the producer or director wanted. In fact, Rice (see below) is puzzled by it.

Amazon Kills Child's Voice
Why would Amazon pull it?

Well, maybe not puzzled. A Child’s Voice concerns the kidnapping of children by powerful people to be used for human sacrifice. One of the children comes back from the dead and recruits a young lost couple as instruments of justice.

Rice, who has been involved in movies since 2000 and participated in the making of many major films, thinks the subject hit a little too close to home for Hollywood. He believes this kind of stuff actually occurs.

Regardless, it is extremely weird that Amazon would boot the movie which is far more innocuous than most films of this type. It mostly resembles a made-for-TV movie.

The movie can still be found at Vimeo.

Here’s what Rice says about the matter.

Amazon Kills Child’s Voice

4 thoughts on “Amazon Kills Child’s Voice”

  1. John Pul Rice, Thank you for exposing the rot in our culture. You have my support as do any and all innocent children. God bless, David Takata

  2. I do believe this is still going on as it was in 1968-1972. It is rotten. I know, first hand. But got out by Gods graces.

  3. Thank you sharing this, bringing the truth to your audience. I put together a document for those who wish to do the research themselves. To know the truth requires no belief.

    The document found in the link below contains links to all of the open source materials mentioned in my original IG video from early August.

    Document (text, word, pdf)
    Our love for the most precious of all our species is what will defeat this evil.

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